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    How to evolve your organisation for greater productivity and effectiveness

    Automation is no longer a nice to have. It’s become a necessity. Discover how you can effectively deploy RPA and AI technologies to increase productivity and drive efficiencies.


    We provide a range of flexible services to deliver a first taste of Intelligent Automation, meet a specific business challenge or as part of a wider strategic process improvement. From automating the processing of over 48,000 urgent service requests in just ten days for the DVSA, through to automating the cash allocation and settlement process for a Global Oil Provider, our approach is proven to rapidly deliver benefits and deliver real business value.

    We work hand-in-hand with our customers on each and every part of their hyper-automation journey. Our work with you might include:

    • Working through the initial RPA proof of concept
    • Building the delivery programme or value stream
    • Developing the automation operating model and setting-up your centre of excellence
    • Extending RPA into Intelligent Automation and scaling automation
    • Defining the vision and hyper-automation strategy, then turning it into reality


    Intelligent Automation Technology can generate many benefits for your organisation. It can automate mundane and repetitive tasks to allow your employees to focus on more interesting, high value work. Because a RPA robots follow the same programmed rules every time, the technology can also have a positive impact on quality and processing time. With Intelligent Automation you can automate a range of operations and processes to achieve significant business value. Processes executed more quickly and accurately reduce operational risk.


    The Path to Hyper-automation

    We can help define your hyper-automation strategy, breaking it down into an achievable roadmap that is clearly scoped, with a defined approach and timeboxed plan.


    We provide

    We appreciate no one size fits all. We have a flexible delivery approach ensuring we work in the way you want us to whilst ensuring high quality outcomes. We can talk though different approaches and service offerings we provide.


    You have already identified an immediate need for automation and are looking for a reliable partner to automate your selected process(es) comprehensively and at speed.


    Automation is on your strategic agenda. You want to understand how to get started or re-mobilise to ensure you safely scale automation with the most appropriate Automation Operating Model for your organisation.


    We support you on your end-to-end hyper-automation journey. From early experimentation with Proof of Concepts (PoC) to Tactical Process Automation (TPA) through to Strategic Change (SC) and Service Delivery Management (SDM).

    “We’ve got three boards now hanging around the office covered in praise from our customers. They’re happy, and the people on the floor – our employees – they’re happy as well. It’s a win-win.”

    Karl Nolan
    CEO, Generali Link

    Powered by uipATH

    We have a strategic partnership with UiPath. Together we are helping to deliver UiPath Intelligent Automation technologies for our clients which are proven to improve business processes, enhance customer experience, accelerate benefits from digital transformation, improve employee satisfaction and reduce compliance cost and risk.




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