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BJSS is a trusted partner with proven credentials to deliver complex technology that drives revenue for the business and real value to customers.


Solve complex challenges to deliver truly transformative outcomes

Business critical systems need to be right first time, especially when thousands or even millions of users rely on them every day. We design and deliver high quality technology solutions at pace, delivering value to your end users from day one, when it really matters.

Design products that solve customer problems and add value to their lives

Deliver innovative technology solutions that differentiate you from competitors

Build complex, mission-critical systems that you can rely on

Deliver on time, on budget and to the highest quality standards

Augment your delivery teams with trusted, expert collaborators

How BJSS makes the difference

We Make Agile Work at Enterprise Scale

Enterprise scale agility is our cultural DNA, combined with decades of delivery experience. Our agile native teams ensure predictability and deliver valuable outcomes. Our unique culture blends the innovation mindset with robust delivery.

Multi-disciplinary Expertise

We don't believe in job titles at BJSS. We're able to seamlessly blend Product, Design and Engineering thanks to our T-shaped people and their hunger to learn beyond the strict boundaries of their expertise.

A Focus on the Human Side of Technology Delivery

To deliver at pace, we arm our teams with the tools, knowledge, processes and support needed to hit the ground running and deliver value. Our teams of natural problem solvers have a tenacious attitude to resolving issues and finding solutions.

Frameworks That Drive Speed and Innovation

Built on decades of experience, our proven frameworks establish best practices that accelerate and sustain delivery of value, reduce risk, facilitate effective scaling, and drive continuous innovation.

Passionate About Delivering

We pride ourselves on solving the toughest problems and finding solutions where others have failed. So when you work with BJSS, you get access to passionate people with the drive and commitment to do what’s needed to get the job done.

Truly Collaborative Teams

Our focus is on your goals, not contractual boundaries or politics. From the engagement level all the way down to the day-to-day, we believe in being flexible, straightforward and honest. Whether we’re a sole partner or part of a multi-supplier team, our people leave their badges at the door, embrace collaboration, and generously share knowledge.

1.7 million

Clinically Extremely Vulnerable
individuals identified by a cohorting
platform built to assess risk to NHS
patients of contracting Covid-19


Increase in predictability
resulting from delivery optimisation
for a hedge management firm


Reduction in development and
test effort to launch in new
regions following rollout of a
real money gaming platform

The work of the BJSS team has transformed our vehicle testing service, making it more efficient and user-friendly for DVSA users, and our customers. The team's capability, professionalism and dedication have exceeded expectations, ensuring a smooth transition and continuous support.”
Gordon Thomson, Head of Vehicle Testing & Approvals Policy - DVSA

Our areas of expertise

Large Scale Delivery

We adopt a delivery lifecycle that tackles the realities and constraints of large-scale deliveries, focusing on accelerating innovation, reducing risk, and driving technical excellence and delivery success.

Change Management

We shape and deliver change plans, including communications, training and process design, to ensure that people and organisations are ready, willing and able to adopt change.

Design to Deliver

We bring engineering and design teams into close collaboration, as well as employing practices such as iterative, scaled customer feedback and usability testing at scale, to ensure that your designs are delivery ready and can deployed rapidly.

Accelerate Delivery

We carry out objective assessments that identify opportunities to create delivery agility through changes to organisational structure, processes, governance and ways of working.

Digital Citizen Services

Deliver public sector digital transformation projects that fully align with Government Digital Services requirements, leveraging our experience delivering over 40 successful GDS projects.

Enterprise Agile®: Technology Delivery at Scale

Based on our decades of experience building business critical systems in demanding public and private sector environments, Enterprise Agile® is our unique methodology for software delivery at the scale enterprises need.

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