BJSS White Paper

Accelerate Towards Net Zero With MHHS: Contribute To A World Of Flexible, Affordable Energy Use

Are you prepared for Ofgem’s Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement?

Despite the industry facing digital challenges, energy competitors are already designing propositions enabled by the MHHS data!

Start growing confidence in your readings and aligning your data ahead of the new regulations.

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About the White Paper

With the energy sector relying on accurate data for more reliable readings, forecasting and risk management, it's time to work at speed and supercharge your innovation.

But the clock is ticking on the first mover advantage!

Download the White Paper and say goodbye to the days of unreliable readings.

MHHS White Paper

We cover:

  • How the MHHS will give households more flexible energy use, accurate billing, and aid in the Net Zero agenda.
  • The importance of first-mover advantage in accelerating with the MHHS implementation.
  • The digital efforts needed to help you make the move to the MHHS.
  • How to monetise data, understand customer behaviour, and offer personalised incentives with the MHHS.

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