Shape opportunities

Customer Experience, Product & Design

Act in response to shifting market forces and move quickly to develop your strategy, product or service.

Shape Opportunities

Rapidly deliver customer and business value

Crucial to any organisation's success is how well it meets the needs of its users and customers. But there's often limited time and resource to experiment and define the experiences that will drive value. Through rapid, insight-generating cycles of iteration, we can help you to:

Shape a vision and strategy for how digital technology can transform your customer experience

Deliver compelling services by aligning customer experience and business outcomes to your data and tech strategy

Use hypothesis driven approaches to rapidly design, prototype and iterate new concepts

Create an actionable roadmap to allocate the resources needed to deliver your desired outcomes

Develop capabilities in human-centred design, product and innovation


Size of market explored by designing
a commercial banking proposition
based on Open Banking and
Machine Learning technology

21 million

Items of food redistributed through
a food surplus platform built
and rolled out in 22 weeks

10 weeks

Time to build an MVP to prove the
feasibility and value of a data
platform for a retail client

How BJSS makes the difference

Multi-disciplinary Teams Across Product, Design and Engineering

We are your single, dedicated partner comprised of multi-faceted experts able to take you from strategy to outcome. We give you the right team with the right skills to work from vision, to concept, to product in market.

Rapid, Lean Experimentation with No Waste

We believe that organisations are increasingly competing on the rate of how quickly they can learn and adapt. We focus on choosing the right approach to prove our hypotheses around where value is and accelerate the overall pace at which we learn and iterate.

Tailored, Adaptable Approaches to Fit You

We balance detailed market knowledge with getting under the skin of your business to build a deep understanding of your challenges. This allows us to tailor, adapt and evolve our approaches to your unique needs and design bespoke solutions that solve real problems.

Reusable Components and Approaches to Get to Value Quicker

Our reusable assets – innovation frameworks, workshops, maturity assessments and accelerators – allow us to stand up environments to facilitate experimentations in a matter of days. This means you can get hands-on with innovative new ideas to rapidly prove and realise value.

Our areas of expertise

Product Strategy

We help you to set bold strategies for new or existing products, applying systems thinking approaches to understand problem spaces holistically and ensure clarity on how we to generate value and for which users.

Lean Product

Our teams bring expertise in lean and experimentation-based approaches to designing and building software. We can help you build proof of concepts or MVPs that aim to rapidly validate assumptions around how to create value.

Experience Strategy

Our deep knowledge in customer experience, as well as our strong data and anayltics practice, can help you define what matters in delivering a leading customer experience and what it takes to get there.

Experience Design

We combine expertise in Service Design, Product Design, Content Design and Research to bring your CX vision and strategy to life. We construct and design compelling experiences, built on a strong data and analytics foundation, that delivers unrivalled value to customers and helps you stand out in a crowded market.

Capability Building

We help you build the necessary capabilities across Design, Product, and Innovation to help you balance customer-centricity with rapid value delivery, building a sustainable digital business for the long-term.

Discovery & User Research

Leverage advanced data and analytics capabilities to better understand customers and users for the purposes of service design.

Product Innovation

We help teams to breakout of their normal patterns of thinking, see challenges from a new perspective and uncover new ideas and opportunities that help to take your products to the next level.

Lean Product Development

Deliver more value from less work. Through our unique 'Learning Loop' framework, we apply Lean principles to product development to make sure you get the most out of how you innovate.

Through rapid, iterative cycles of learning, we help you test hypotheses for how to create business value in a way that reduces waste, speeds up delivery, reduces time-to-profit and increases customer value.

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