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Cyber Security

Our cyber security solutions draw on years of multi-industry experience in cloud, data, engineering, and AI. We leverage accelerators, frameworks and key strategic partnerships. 


Protect your organisation

BJSS helps clients build and scale cyber solutions, including national critical infrastructure in healthcare and aviation. We equip your business with governance and operating models to achieve excellent security posture and protection.

Protect existing and new technology against common threats like ransomware and phishing.

Build and operate robust, scalable, and easily supportable cyber security systems.

Access cyber security expertise, certified and partnered with industry leaders.

Use cutting-edge technologies and deploy new tools like A.I.

Comply with regulations and meet industry standards by following BJSS best practice.

How BJSS delivers value

Accelerators that reduce time to value 

We use codified accelerators to deploy foundations and core infrastructure in a fast, repeatable way so we focus on the bigger challenges. 

Strategic partnerships 

We work with industry leaders including AWS, Microsoft, CrowdStrike and Trend Micro to deliver expertise and technologies efficiently. 

 Multi-industry expertise 

We apply industry knowledge to regulations and new threats. Benefit from the collective knowledge of all BJSS’ cyber experts – not just the ones working with you.


We’re not just technology experts. We embed a security-first mindset at the core of your operations, governance, and technical delivery.   

Adopt AI safely 

Enable customers to see the benefits of AI with a secure, cost-efficient and ethical approach. 


With an expansive history of engineering and technical delivery, we bring security to the core of our software delivery lifecycle.  

Governance, risk and compliance 

We specialise in tailored cyber security frameworks, risk management and governance for both public and private sectors.

Network and infrastructure

Ensure your infrastructure is built and monitored with the right tooling, configurations, and planning.  

Cyber EXP

Cyber EXP provides an effective blueprint to cyber security with solutions enabling clients to navigate the complexity of modern cyber threats.

We build solutions that integrate into your organisation technically and operationally: 

  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) 
  • Security Operation Centre as a Service (SOCaaS) 
  • GenAI Security Testing 
  • Compute Pipeline Security (XDR) 
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