Responsible AI: A Comprehensive Guide To Governance

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60% of enterprises globally are not developing ethical AI policies, with 52% not safeguarding data privacy through the entire lifecycle*. The question organisations should consider is how long this can continue, and what can you do to protect your business?

This expert eBook provides a comprehensive overview of AI governance, policies, frameworks, and practices that should guide AI development at conception and beyond. By downloading our guide, you'll discover how successful AI governance fosters responsible AI usage, enhances decision-making, and positions organisations as leaders in the AI landscape while reaping all the benefits of this innovative technology.

*IBM Global AI adoption index 2023.


This eBook explores:

  • Implementing AI in your business.
  • Responsible AI - What does the ethical use of AI mean for your organisation?
  • AI and Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR).
  • AI governance and powering responsible AI.
  • Does AI governance have an impact on innovation?
  • What does it take to successfully deploy governance?

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