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Energy, Commodities & Utilities

Policies, climate change, and consumer awareness are forcing energy, commodities and utilities companies to reinvent how they do business. We can help you adjust and prosper in this ever-changing landscape.

The utilities eco-system is on the brink of significant transformation

Seismic fluctuations and disruptions in global energy supply and demand prompt a concerted push to decarbonise and make greater progress towards greater renewable usage. There's an additional pressing need to rapidly digitise the entire value chain, across all utilities and commodities providers.

BJSS can help you get there. We have worked with some of the leading energy providers and utility businesses to support their digitisation, improve the customer experience and modernise their estates in the drive to net-zero. 

Who we can help

Energy Generation & Distribution

Energy Generation & Distribution

Unlock the value of data to drive business critical decision making and monitor key assets across your energy generation and distribution portfolio. 

Energy & Commodities Trading

Energy & Commodities Trading

Increase the scalability, security and performance of trading applications to drive efficiencies and maximise return on your trading strategy.

Energy Retail & Water Utilities

Energy Retail & Water Utilities

User-centric solutions that drive greater customer interaction, promote positive behaviours, and accelerate the path to net-zero. 

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

We support the world's largest companies to maximise the value of their current assets and support their journey to enable the effective use and storage of alternative fuels such as hydrogen.

What we do

Augment Your Technical Teams

Our expert, passionate, dedicated technologists embed into your in-house teams and do what whatever it takes to get the job done. BJSS teams bring the deep technical engagement, mentorship, architectural innovation and roadmaps necessary to achieve your desired outcomes from your software.

High-quality Software Development

Building mission-critical software to the highest standards is what we do best. Whether it's developing custom software solutions or evolving existing systems to deliver greater value, we bring the expertise to get it done right first time.

Cloud Migration, Adoption, and Optimisation

Drive business performance whilst reducing technology expenditure and accelerating sustainability.

Solutions for EVs, renewables, and storage optimisation

Deliver secure, reliable and scalable solutions that meet the needs of investors, consumers and the market in this rapidly growing sector.

Innovative Product and Service Development

Achieve your goals with blueprints that clearly map out end-to-end market journeys. Help your teams plan and organise their work to create a seamless and coherent pathway. Drive innovation from upcoming changes like Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS).

Change Navigation

We can provide support and expertise in target operating models, technology strategy and business change to help you navigate complex periods of change and ensure business flexibility.

User-centric Digital Experiences

Engage customers and build an increased understanding of energy usage and drive positive behaviours to promote sustainability and accelerate net-zero.

New Ways of Using Data to Make Decisions

Utilise advanced analytics to derive valuable information and actionable intelligence from large volumes of data to drive increased value.

Forecast and Optimisation Tools

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, we help understand, predict and manage the response to changes in demand. Use those insights to help you plan, resource, maintain, and gain valuable trading advantage.

Approaches for Regulatory Compliance

Generate value from investments to meet regulatory deadlines and drive innovation through adhering to best practice principles and, where appropriate, the sharing of open data.

The skills and experience of the BJSS team were integral to achieving our aims for the project and improving the stability of future releases. The BJSS team also performed knowledge transfer which helped to upskill our in-house team and made recommendations to improve our release process and ways of working, which will help us moving forward.” 
Rowan Dodd, Business Transformation Lead - Gunvor Group


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