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Transport & Logistics

Advances in cloud, data and automation provide an immense opportunity for the transportation industry to evolve in an ever-shifting landscape. BJSS can help you to accelerate your digital transformation, from optimising logistics and operations to improving the passenger experience.

Driving innovation in the transportation industry

Passenger demands for an inspiring, experiential, secure, and interconnected transport experience are reshaping industry expectations. Data-driven automation, intelligent design, and sustainable innovation are pivotal to this transformation.

Digitisation of assets and infrastructure, alongside intelligent technologies, offers cost efficiencies, while enhancing the customer experience, and supporting a more sustainable future. These advancements foster seamless connectivity, with potential integration into freight and supply chain services - shaping a brighter, more connected future for aviation, logistics, and transportation.

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Explore the transformative potential of digital solutions in aviation. Our tailored approach to digital transformation enhances passenger and staff experiences, optimises operations, and elevates safety standards.

Rail Transportation

Rail Transportation

Our digital-first solutions for rail customers evolve your efficiency, reliability, and passenger satisfaction. We can help propel rail networks into a new era of smart mobility with seamless integration and optimisation across the lifecycle.

Maritime Shipping

Maritime Shipping

Navigate your digital transformation journey with confidence. We can help you to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance in an ever-changing global shipping landscape, fostering resilience and success.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics & Supply Chain

Unleash the potential of digitalisation in logistics and supply chain management. Leverage digital to optimise inventory management, streamline operations, and drive efficiency throughout the supply chain. Achieve seamless end-to-end delivery, fostering business growth in an increasingly interconnected world.

Public Transit

Public Transit

Transform public transit systems into beacons of smart mobility. Advancements in automation, data, AI, and connectivity help improve accessibility, reliability, and sustainability. We can help you to shape the future of urban transportation with forward-thinking strategies and technologies.

What we do

Reimagined Passenger Experience

Put your customers at the heart of every journey. By integrating innovative solutions and data-driven insights throughout the transport ecosystem, from booking to arrival, we prioritise seamless, personalised experiences. With smarter technology you can exceed passenger expectations and foster long-term loyalty.

Optimised Transportation Operations

Transportation companies achieve enhanced operational efficiency through the strategic integration of data analytics, AI, and new technology. This holistic approach optimises every aspect of operations, from scheduling to resource allocation. We can help you achieve streamlined workflows and heightened efficiency throughout the transport ecosystem.

Data-driven Decision Making

By leveraging predictive modelling, real-time monitoring, and intelligent automation, organisations can optimise routes, predict maintenance needs, and enhance safety measures. Use the power of data to drive efficiency, reliability, innovation, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Cloud-based Infrastructure for Scalability and Security

Transportation businesses are increasingly looking to leverage the advancements in the cloud. From seamless migration and infrastructure optimisation, to enhanced cybersecurity measures. When optimised, the cloud helps your critical transportation systems to remain resilient, adaptable, and secure in the face of evolving challenges in the sector.

With BJSS' help and through their Enterprise Agile® system, we have been able to ensure that our investment in systems is future-proof. In addition, the team at BJSS has trained my team to a new way of agile working which has been invaluable.”
Megan Black, Head of Customer Development - TfGM
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