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Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment landscape is evolving faster than ever before. We can help you capitalise on the shift to new and emerging technologies, to create incredible experiences for both users and creators.

Media and Entertainment
Stay ahead in the media revolution

The shift to global distribution of content, shows and games continues to drive the digitisation of the media and entertainment industry. This, coupled with changes to rights management, security, and the desire for multi-platform experiences, creates a huge opportunity for the industry to adapt and transform.

BJSS can help you build the agile and responsive solutions needed to innovate and remain competitive. We have experience in key areas, including cloud migration, security, data strategy and management, and advanced analytics and automation, to improve your workflows and operational costs.

Who we can help

Television & Streaming

Television & Streaming

We can help the television industry embrace the transition to cloud and online streaming. We work with you to develop a digital platform to support your streaming needs for the distribution of content and shows globally, regardless of region or format.

Video gaming

Video gaming

BJSS supports developers to create safe and exciting new worlds that will capture the imagination of players and sponsors alike. Through our cloud and data expertise, we can help you scale up to meet the growing demand of players.



As advertising evolves and moves away from linear TV, explore innovative, cost-effective advertising models with BJSS. Our AI and data and analytics teams can provide meaningful insights into buyer behaviours across the global media and entertainment landscape.



We can help publishers transform legacy infrastructure to reap the benefits of agile cloud technology. Find out how AI and data and analytics can provide a wealth of audience insights helping you to navigate shifting advertising and revenue streams.

What we do

Cloud Migration and Scalability

Seamlessly transition your legacy infrastructure and data to the cloud for increased flexibility, scalability and security. We can help you build the foundations for limitless expansion on a global scale.

Audience Metrics and Loyalty

Harness the power of insights and advanced analytics to understand audience behaviour and build unparallelled audience insights. Smarter insights will help you craft highly personalised experiences that build and retain loyalty.

Automated Workflows

Revolutionise your production and distribution pipelines with custom software solutions that optimise workflows. Using powerful automation we can help you streamline operations to drive efficiency and cost-saving.

Data Strategy and Management

Manage the growth of unstructured data and ensure compliance with data regulations. We can help you build robust and accessible data platforms, integrated and secured with industry-leading technology.

Rights Management

As streaming shifts across platforms and regions, we can help you to build a secure rights management strategy and the platforms required to stay ahead.

Digital Security and Intellectual Property Management

Manage the increasing risks associated with global distribution, data management, rights management and intellectual property with the support of our expert team. Using powerful cloud solutions with integrated security features, we help protect your most valuable assets.

The proof of concept has helped us understand what is possible and what the benefits are. It has also made the business teams excited about moving forward in this area. I'm very impressed with what BJSS has achieved and the approach they took.”
Robert Cole, Head of Group Technology Architecture - ITV
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