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Real Money Gaming

Embrace a new era of safe, immersive and deeply personalised player experiences.

By harnessing the power of data and AI alongside the flexibility, security, and elasticity of the cloud, you can deliver world-class experiences that put you ahead of the competition.

Real Money Gaming
Ready to rise to the challenge?

Player needs are shifting like never before, driven by a demand for highly immersive and bespoke multi-channel experiences that promote responsible gaming. BJSS can accelerate your digital evolution to create these high-quality services.

We have helped some of the world’s best known sports betting and real money gaming brands to transform on a global scale, allowing them to expand into new markets, rapidly deliver new customer features, and provide consistently available, high performance, low latency systems - even during the busiest days in the global sporting calendar.

Who we can help

Sports Betting

Sports Betting

High performance at peak times doesn’t need to be so challenging. We can help you to build the flexible, scalable infrastructure needed to deliver expectational services on the days that matter the most.

Casino & iGaming

Casino & iGaming

Lead the charge for responsible betting and gaming while providing players with an immersive, stand-out experience. Our team will help you design and deploy the next generation of player experiences, with loyalty, safety and personalisation at the core.

What we do

Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

We can help you adopt, optimise and scale your cloud environments so you can provide a consistent, reliable, and secure service at all times. Flexible, scalable architecture can be dialled up and down and ensures high performance during peak periods while optimising costs.

Responsible Gaming

Lead the way in player safety by utilising data analytics, machine learning and AI to identify and protect at-risk players. We help you build a secure and resilient service to whilst navigating the demands of the complex regulatory landscape in betting and gaming.

Elevate the Player Experience

Meet ever-evolving customer demands in new and existing markets through modern application architecture and the ability to regularly deploy new features. We help you deliver high performance, interactive play designed for the modern gamer.

Customer Loyalty Through Personalisation

Stand out in a competitive market by understanding your customers behaviours and tailoring offers, rewards and interactions. Smart customer data insights can help you craft the ultimate customer experience to build long-term loyalty.

BJSS Landing Zone Accelerator

BJSS Enterprise Cloud Landing Zone automates the set-up of a cloud environment for running secure and scalable workloads in days instead of weeks or months.

This cloud accelerator codifies over 400,000 hours of BJSS' successful cloud deployment experience and knowledge into experience-as-code, immediately putting into place the security guardrails, governance, observability, and more to allow you to reduce time-to-value from cloud.

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Landing Zone
With its Enterprise Agile® approach, and expertise in Cloud and Open Source, BJSS has ensured that our service is scalable, high-performance and feature-rich, allowing us to quickly provide compelling sporting content to our customers.”
Andrew Evans, Sky Betting & Gaming
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