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Software Engineering

Our software engineering solutions build on our expertise in cloud, data and AI, combined with our modular accelerators, to ensure your software solutions are delivered to the highest possible standard.

Software Engineering Services

When software matters to you

The complexity of delivering business-critical, customer-facing systems at the scale and standard required by large organisations is no small task. We bring a maturity of thinking and experience from across many industries and technologies to help you:

Accelerate business outcomes with modern cloud technologies, architectures and patterns

Build robust, scalable, easily supportable software systems to run your business

Have confidence in the quality and security of your software

Bring trustworthy technical expertise to your programmes and projects

Utilise new tools like Artificial Intelligence to increase delivery efficiency

How BJSS makes the difference

Engineering and Design Working in Harmony

Our expertise ranges from user research and product strategy through to full stack engineering, using all mainstream frontend technologies, including React, Next.JS, Angular and Vue.JS. We learn and adapt to user behaviour to create digital experiences that deliver maximum value and accessibility.

Accelerators That Reduce Time-to-value

We use accelerators to get the basics right and start delivering business value quickly. Our range of accelerators across front-end, microservices, CI/CD, QA, and more, take care of cumbersome setup procedures and enable our engineers to deliver at pace.

Embracing the Best Technology for the Best Outcomes 

We constantly evaluate tools and techniques to improve developer experience and increase the efficiency of delivery. We have deployed tools like GitHub Copilot to aid everything from a single team to a 300-person programme and learnt how to get the most value out of them.

Trusted to Build National Critical Infrastructure

Our experience of building and running critical infrastructure such as NHS Spine, which brings together 44,000 healthcare IT systems across England, means we can be trusted to engineer quality software to the highest possible standard.

Comprehensive Integration Understanding

We have rich integration experience across complex business and technical environments such as high-performance websites, APIs and microservices based systems, data platforms, and machine learning workloads. Our integration knowledge covers not just on-premise and legacy systems, but cloud native, serverless, and SaaS, too.

A Focus on Quality and Security

We use automation throughout the SDLC, together with DevSecOps practices, threat modelling, test automation and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery orchestration to optimise and provide repeatable confidence in the end-to-end quality and security of the systems we deliver.

A Heritage of High-performance, Cloud-native Development

With a long history of working with the major hyperscalers – AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud – and deep expertise of their platforms, we know how get the best out of cloud technologies architectures, and patterns.

Thought Leaders in Green Software Development

As early adopters of green software development principles, we apply environmentally friendly engineering approaches and techniques to create learner, more energy efficient code and reduce carbon emissions of applications.

1 billion +

Messages processed by the NHS Spine
system – four times the UK’s entire
debit and credit transaction system

£21 million

Cost saving to the NHS in
Spine’s first year of operation


Reduction in response time
resulting from Spine, saving
the NHS 750 hours a day

We’ve come a long way with BJSS. We’ve bottom-up re-architected the solution, wholesale changed the technology, and moved from a monthly release cycle to a platform that we can use to demonstrate value daily and scale as we grow. We continue to work with them because they add value beyond the technical achievements, bringing expertise in Agile and quality engineering and a collaborative approach to allow us to achieve our ambitions globally.”
Glen Leakey, Global Digital Transformation Director - Specsavers

Our areas of expertise

Large Scale Enterprise Applications

Overcome the most complex challenges and requirements to deliver scalable, reliable business-critical software that underpins your organisation.

Product & Service Build & Scale

Turn your idea, proof of concept or MVP into digital products and services that delight your users, at scale. Use the latest technologies with confidence.

Complex Engineering

Solve complex business and technical challenges and use test automation to provide transparency and ensure quality and maintainability.

Developer Experience

Optimise developer productivity and satisfaction through the use of DevSecOps patterns and practices combined with leading edge tooling. Balance the experience of your teams with the insights and power of AI.

Engineering Building Blocks

Start delivering business value quickly with our engineering accelerators that provide solid frameworks for web frontend, backend API/microservice, and automated testing, as well as associated repositories and pipelines.

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The product build lifecycle

We combine the right tools and technology to create a great developer experience and an efficient, robust and secure continuous delivery pipeline.

Plan and Design. Technologies include Jira, Confluence, and Figma.
Build. Technologies include Next.js, Spring Boot, Snyk, Checkov, and SonarCloud.
Unit, API and Integration Test. Technologies include BrowserStack, Playwright, and JUnit.
Package, Version, Store. Technologies include Docker and npm.
Deploy. Technologies include Terraform, Argo, Kubernetes, Helm, and Checkov.
Observe, React. Technologies include Akamai, Splunk, CrowdStrike, and Datadog.


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