Imagine possibilities

Technology Strategy & Innovation

Use trends and emerging signals to understand where your industry is heading and how it applies to your business. Identify the key new technology solutions to support your business strategy and growth.

Imagine Possibilities

Bridge the gap between strategy and execution

We imagine possibilities for how technology can spur your organisation forward, backed by 30 years of engineering and delivery excellence so you know they can actually be delivered. We'll help you set strategy as well as the roadmap for execution.

Reimagine the future of your industry and generate new ideas to build sustainable competitive advantage

Structure your innovation portfolio and prioritise short and long-term opportunities to generate business value

Determine how you will build, buy or consume the technology capabilities that support your goals

Decide how you want your organisation to evolve and which parts of your technology will flex to meet changing business demands

Leverage cloud, data and AI for competitive advantage without compromising on enterprise-readiness and sustainability

How BJSS makes the difference

Defined Approaches to Inspire Critical Thinking

We have proven methodologies for evaluating your existing strategy, detecting and interpreting trends, designing alternative scenarios, creating visions, and (re)structuring innovation portfolios and roadmaps for change. Our analysis helps you effectively utilise the resources you have available.

We Focus on Strategic Narratives

People respond to and remember stories. We build strategic narratives that present a vision for the future enabled by technology and make a compelling case for change. We inspire action by telling emotive stories using visual design and framed by a rounded, pragmatic, actionable business case.

Creativity in Collaboration

We're on this journey together. We place priority on interpreting evidence and creating new futures in collaboration. This ensures that you own the vision being created and retain an understanding of the logic and rationale for why we landed where we did.

30 Years of Engineering Excellence

With our heritage in high-quality software engineering, refined through engagements across a variety of industries and organisations, we can ensure that innovative, creative technology ideas can actually be delivered.

Innovation for Impact

We'll always focus on aligning technology strategies with your business goals instead of building something bleeding-edge just for the sake of it. By bringing together our best-in-class cloud, data and AI practices, we deliver innovative solutions with widely-adopted technology that drives tangible outcomes.

Our areas of expertise

Technology Strategy

We apply our deep business knowledge and technical expertise to understand your business strategy and define what investments are needed to build capabilities to meet your future goals. We help you to prioritise decisions and create a roadmap to extract full strategic value from your technology from day one.

Technology Assessment

We help you to make informed decisions on new technology selection and roadmap planning through assessment of what you already have. We form a balanced view of what has already been built and why, and provide actionable recommendations for what to do next. We measure against the key drivers for your business to inform an evaluation of performance against measures such as flexibility, scalability and operability, so you can determine the best next step in your evolution.

Enterprise Architecture

Our enterprise architecture framework takes a short and long-term view to meeting business objectives through a structured approach to enterprise technology capabilities. It ensures decisions are made for the right reasons, making best use of existing and new technologies to maximise re-use, efficiency and value for cost spent. It helps you plan for change and flexibility in your capabilities to enact your technology strategy.

Innovation Portfolio

We apply rigour and structure to your portfolio of opportunities to ensure that there is a clear alignment to business strategy, goals and outcomes. We help you to take action on your portfolio by identifying logical starting points to start capturing value.

Vision & Futures

A structured, systematic approach to anticipating and exploring future scenarios, drivers, and uncertainties to make better informed decisions and strategy for your business.

Forging the path to the future of aviation

We worked with the leadership team at an international energy major to create consensus and clarity on how digital technology could help diversify away from carbon-intense business models and into a future of digitally enabled services and business lines. Within seven weeks we helped the leadership team envision a new future for the aviation industry and structure their innovation roadmap around three core strategic anchors aligned to the overall business strategy. This work enabled the client to prioritise investment opportunities across three future horizons and move ahead with confidence and certainty.

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Futures Thinking Report

In today’s rapidly changing world, marked by uncertainty, societal shifts, and technological advancements, Futures Thinking is essential.

Futures Thinking helps organisations embrace the future, adapt and thrive amidst rapid change, and ensure they navigate tomorrow’s complexities successfully.

Dive into our report designed to help senior business leaders unravel the uncertainties surrounding your market and organisation.

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