Value from AI at pace

Artificial Intelligence

BJSS delivers AI solutions that draw from real-world experience and cutting-edge accelerators to automate and optimise costly processes from weeks down to seconds, and generate millions of pounds of additional revenue for clients. 

Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the power of AI

For many organisations the challenges, uncertainties, and potentially high costs of AI act as barriers to harnessing its true power. BJSS has the expertise and experience in this field to help you benefit from this amazing technology:

Quickly launch experiments to explore how AI can create benefits

Develop the internal skills and resources to maximise AI's potential

Confidently address AI ethics and governance confidently with our proven patterns of best practice

Scale successful AI implementations across your organisation

Boost your AI projects with our proven AI accelerator


Increased revenue for a commodities organisation through a
productivity-boosting prediction model


Efficiency gains created through
a call centre scheduling solution

6 months

Embryologist time saved per year from
a model trained on a dataset of
500 million embryo scans

How BJSS makes the difference

Lay the Cloud Foundations for AI Innovation

The cloud is the key to fully leveraging AI and data. Our comprehensive cloud services and expertise allow us to put the foundations in place to build strong data platforms and fully realise compelling AI use cases.

Experience from Long before the Hype

Started in 2016, BJSS’ AI practice has been building solutions and bringing them into production for years and can bring to bear experience from numerous projects and industries.

Partnerships That Help You Unlock Innovation

We have long-standing partnerships with hyperscalers like AWS and Microsoft, including being a member of Microsoft’s OpenAI Accelerator Programme. This perfectly positions us to help clients access the latest AI innovations that will help you realise value quickly.

An Award-winning Data Science Practice

Winners of the AWS EMEA Innovation Partner of the Year 2023 award, National Technology Awards 2023, and UK IT Industry Awards 2023 for our data work with clients.

Accelerators to Deliver Rapid Time-to-value

We have distilled hundreds of thousands of hours of AI expertise and learnings into a variety of accelerators, blueprints and frameworks that will help you see value from AI quickly.

AI for Impact, Not Just Because

We work with you to prioritise use cases that align with your strategic objectives and quickly move past prototypes to maximise impact for the business through releasing these models.

Enterprise Agile® AI Assistant

Discover the latest edition of Enterprise Agile® with the aid of our advanced AI assistant. This innovative tool, powered Microsoft Copilot, is designed to elevate your search experience and address any inquiries you may have about the methodology.

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Enterprise Agile AI Assistant
“The Machine Learning tool developed by BJSS to help Care Fertility assess human embryos will help improve the chance of patients reaching their goal of having a baby.”
Alison Campbell, Chief Scientific Officer - Care Fertility

AI Readiness Assessment

A fully bespoke assessment that evaluates your readiness and effectiveness regarding the use of AI.

BJSS’ multi-disciplinary experts in Data, AI and MLOps, and Service and Organisational Design gather information from your teams and review people, processes and technologies to produce your organisation's AI Readiness score.

The result is a set of actionable recommendations, uniquely tailored to your organisation, that provide a clear roadmap to improve your capabilities and realise greater value from Artificial Intelligence.


Our areas of expertise

Data Science & Machine Learning

Adopt AI at scale. Generate new revenue streams, increase margins, and improve customer satisfaction by creating intelligent products and solutions for the business.

Generative AI

Leverage, fine tune, or train foundation models and GenAI tools to create powerfully enhanced customer, employee and developer experiences.

Machine Learning Operations

Rapidly deliver value and trust using robust software engineering, DevOps, Agile, and Lean practices while removing the challenges of deploying AI in production.

Commodity AI

Accelerate time to value with advanced cloud-based AI offerings that leverage pre-trained and consumable computer vision, natural language processing, personalisation, and other AI solutions.

Customer Insights

Bring all your customer data into a single, unified view that allows you to easily identify reasons for churn, build more desirable products and increase revenue.


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