Our Teams

Our consulting services drive innovation, accelerate growth and increase efficiency

Our Teams
Delivery Management Team

Delivery Management

Help teams deliver scalable, reliable business-critical software.

People and Learning Team

People & Talent

Ensure that BJSS is a great place to work for all our people.

Business Analysis Team

Business Analysis

Help clients define and understand their complex problems.

Development Team


Develop state-of-the-art software solutions that transform our clients.

Data and AI Team

Data & AI

Build solutions that automatically and intelligently act on data.

Digital Design Team

Digital Design

Create innovative systems that users love.

Test and Assurance Team

Test & Assurance

Assure the delivery of robust solutions and great outcomes.

Consulting Team


We've made FT's UK Leading Management Consultants list for three consecutive years.

Architecture Team


Analyse existing architecture and visualise technical concepts.

Partners Services Team

Partner Services

Collaborate with tech and delivery partners to optimise client outcomes.

Product Management Team

Product Management

Guide the discover of market leading products.

Business Services Team

Business Services

Enable the business to grow and scale effectively.

Platform & Security Team

Platform & Security

We’re home to one of the most successful cloud engineering teams in the UK.

Managed Service Team

Managed Service

Be responsible for the ongoing maintenance and support of a variety of systems.

Knowledge and Learning Team

Knowledge & Learning

Ensure that BJSS is a great place to work for all our people.