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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Transform the way you treat and care for patients with digital solutions designed by, and with, those who use them. Leverage our deep expertise of delivering large-scale digital programmes across both public and private care.

Transforming the patient experience

With the pressures that care providers are under, digital solutions have the potential to transform the patient experience. BJSS has been a trusted partner to the NHS, designing and delivering major digital programmes across the UK. Our collaborative approach allows us to deliver holistic solutions to healthcare that truly put users at the heart of solutions embedded in clinical pathways.

With our extensive sector expertise and enterprise-scale software delivery heritage, we have the capabilities required to truly understand the needs of the system and its constituent parts to enable and guide transformation that delivers positive change across health and social care organisations.

Who we can help



BJSS enables the NHS to safely innovate and modernise for better patient and healthcare professional experiences. BJSS works with stakeholders and service-users to research diverse user needs, contributing to a truly user-centred digital NHS presence.



We help providers of healthtech solutions to better serve their customers and the market by bringing deep industry technical expertise. BJSS supports patients, staff and the public with the appropriate use of technology. We understand the complexities of working with health data, from enabling interoperability across thousands of IT systems, to developing bespoke solutions producing critical population health insights during the pandemic.

Private Health & Life Sciences

Private Health & Life Sciences

Co-designing solutions, BJSS aids private healthcare and life sciences businesses in offering improved services, expanding consumer reach, and developing new therapeutics. Utilising AI, BJSS enhances processes via advanced algorithms that analyse patient data, ultimately optimising treatment decisions and improving outcomes.

What we do

Forecast and Optimisation

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, we help understand and predict demand and use those insights to help you plan for the future.

Service Design

Achieve your needs with a service blueprint that clearly maps out the end-to-end patient journey. Help your teams plan and organise their work to create a seamless and coherent pathway.

Local Digital Roadmaps

Create, shape, document and deliver your vision of the digital future direction for organisations, professional groups, and citizens.

BI and Data Visualisation

By understanding local and national data collections, we can create role-based actionable insights to help shape future decisions.

Design Research

Create real empathy with your users to understand what they really need and why. From there, gain insight into how users experience your product through our continuous usability testing.

Performance Improvement

Support patients, staff and the public with the appropriate use of technology. Access targets, quality and cost of care can all be achieved through performance improvement.

The BJSS team approached this complex project thoroughly and confidently. Their ability to balance the needs of clinicians and patients with developing a groundbreaking healthcare AI solution was invaluable. The resulting minimum viable product is world-class and something BJSS and Care Fertility can all be proud of.”
Alison Campbell, Chief Scientific Officer - Care Fertility


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