Digital Transformation

Enabling Continuous Innovation

Digital transformation is ubiquitous, but sometimes people are put off because they believe that it is costly and complex. In reality, a successful digital transformation solution is one that leaves your organisation with the ability to continuously evolve to meet the demands of constant change.

We can support you in this ongoing evolution through digital transformation consulting and by developing your culture, ways of working and technology. With over 27 years’ experience in IT delivery, we have the knowledge and proven best practices in place to deliver the most complex systems and digital transformations – even where others fail.

BJSS White Paper

Accelerating Insurance Digital Transformation: Three Top Tech Priorities

Digital transformation has quickly become the number one priority for insurers. Mounting pressures from market forces like the Covid pandemic, low-interest rates and changing consumer expectations are driving change. We’ve therefore developed this white paper outlining the three top tech priorities insurers should be prioritising to accelerate their digital transformation projects.



Digital Strategy
Ensure the approach to producing your digital transformation strategy is collaborative and leads to better adoption. We help you to design a process that is both continuous and adaptive.

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Digital Technology
Explore how technology can assist your business model. We help you experiment through small exploratory deliveries which inform your strategy.

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Intelligent Automation
Our Automation understanding and delivery expertise will ensure your IA & RPA solutions will achieve your business outcomes and vision. Our approach and partnerships will deliver rapid results.

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Embed agility across your whole organisation. We help you focus on your ways of working and operating models. 

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Digital Operations
Embed DevOps, continuous change and delivery in your core products and services. We provide you with advisory work on how to run a digital estate, including evergreen digital products.

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Drive digital transformation


Reduce the failure rates of your digital transformation projects by adopting the proven and award-winning BJSS Enterprise Agile approach. Download the book to find out more.

How we can help

Everything that we do is designed to drive your digital transformation journey. Our digital transformation services help you to digitise your existing services, deliver new digital products and services, and transform your digital delivery capability.


Many businesses rely on a core set of ageing systems which support critical processes and drive revenue. Replacing such systems to adapt to modern digital experiences is hard.

We can transform your legacy systems using modern architectural techniques that ensure a continuous change.


Digital is not just about technology, it means taking a customer-centric approach and embedding creativity and innovation in your organisation.

We can help to embed a culture of creativity and design alongside engineering to ensure you deliver the right products and services.


Good engineering is the foundation for digital.  Engineering capability is the vehicle to bring your innovation to life.

We understand how to embed a culture of world class technical delivery in everything from systems of innovation to enterprise digital products.

“By working in an agile way with BJSS, we can deliver a complex system in phases and deploy a bug-free system to our production teams. BJSS’ proactive, collaborative approach meant that we could hold this project up as an example for others. The team was absolutely brilliant – so high performing.”

Jan Hornby
Head of Department, Talent & Royalties

How we do it

We continuously review and refine our offerings to help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your digital transformation.


Technology & Engineering
Cloud & Platform
Data & AI
Intelligent Automation
Managed Service
Technology & Engineering

Engineer business-critical systems, support the adoption of modern platforms and ways of working with our proven world-class software engineering and agile delivery teams.

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Reduce your costs and increase the time to value for all of your cloud deployments.

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Improve your business insights, support effective decision making, and generate outstanding customer experiences by adopting intelligent data solutions.

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Intelligent Automation

Whether you’re looking to pilot your first RPA task or looking to fully scale your automations by embracing Intelligent Automation, we have the proven expertise to help you deliver value for your business.

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Adopt a modern service management model by blending traditional approaches with cloud and contemporary development techniques.

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Gain a competitive advantage within your market by recognising and capitalising on new opportunities.

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Create value for your organisation and customers by designing and delivering innovative products, services and experiences.

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Digital Transformation


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