BJSS White Paper

More than a standard: How to grasp the opportunities of ISO 20022

Banks are transitioning their payment systems to the new ISO 20022 standard ahead of the deadline of late 2022. This white paper recaps ISO 20022 and its headline impact on your organisation. We then explore how you can leverage your ISO 20022 transition to generate efficiencies and create business opportunities throughout your organisation, not just in the core payments process.

About the White Paper

Although the transition to ISO 20022 is mandatory, we believe the change is also an excellent and timely opportunity to make sustainable cost savings, accelerate your hyper-automation journey, and reach a new level of agility right across the payments landscape and beyond.

Having supported some of the world’s leading organisations in making the most out of new regulations, BJSS has developed this white paper to show how banks can capitalise on the ISO 20022 standard.

We cover:

  • What exactly ISO 20022 is and why it matters
  • How ISO 20022 can be used as a construction set for better payment functions
  • The migration challenge
  • How to engineer the change
  • How ISO 20022 speeds up the hyper-automation journey
  • How to leverage the standard to accelerate time to market
  • Where BJSS has supported companies to take advantage of new regulations

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