A large insurance provider in South Africa wanted to understand how it could automate a manual customer services process relating to e-mail enquiries from brokers. In collaboration with BJSS, the insurer was able to deliver an Automation solution that was developed to interrogate and analyse the e-mails. The automated process has helped to generate a 600% reduction in mean time to execute and has enabled the company to realise a 91% reduction of cost per transaction.


Our client, a large insurer in South Africa, handled 1.5 million e-mails per year from the broker community. Its employees have to interpret information from e-mails and review attachments to identify the content type.

The process required accuracy and a timely response. This, combined with a need to complete the workflow in compliance with service-level agreements (SLAs) and specific regulatory and statutory provisions, represented a significant challenge for the insurer.


BJSS was engaged to help automate the process. To achieve this, we used machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), intelligent optical character recognition (OCR), analytics capabilities and a core RPA platform. The Robot interprets e-mail content contextually, classifies and extracts all the necessary documentation, updates the required systems, interacts with human users to complete specific instructions, and delivers a confirmation once the process is complete.


This truly intelligent solution has helped to save 2,000 hours per month, with 98% of e-mails received being fully automated. This has resulted in a 600% reduction in mean time to execute and a 91% reduction of cost per transaction.