Open Finance: Driving Revenue Growth and Enhancing the Customer Experience Through Data Sharing

Are you aware of the risks of falling behind in Open Finance? Discover how to ride the wave of data sharing and avoid the roadblocks, from legacy system constraints to navigating open ecosystems.


About the eBook

Learn about the evolution from Open Banking to Open Finance, the driving forces, and the regulatory landscape in our latest eBook.

Explore platform-based models, embedded finance, and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) as unique avenues to engage customers, widen distribution, and source fresh revenues.

Open Finance eBook
  • How to innovate ahead of regulation, leverage APIs, and explore new business models
  • Tapping into new customer segments and revenue streams with embedded finance
  • Overcoming legacy systems challenges for seamless data sharing open ecosystems
  • How to align your Open Finance strategy to consider ambitions, limitations, and opportunities

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