The Challenge


A Japanese investment bank engaged BJSS when its Internal Audit team identified a problem with measuring the value and throughput of the internal IT teams. The bank could not be confident of meeting deadlines for regulatory changes. It also wanted to achieve transformational changes across the entire operating model, rather than continuing to make tactical quick fixes.

The Solution


BJSS used its Technology Assessment Framework to assess the current operating model, including identifying the key value streams and constraints. We then designed a new operating model detailing roles and responsibilities for both business and technology colleagues across the bank. The new operating model also defined key processes such as requirements management and governance. We also calculated a multi-year ROI for an agile transformation to show the potential benefits in the immediate and longer term.

The Outcome


BJSS took responsibility for management of the resulting agile transformation programme. The programme resulted in increased productivity, reduced error rates and improved consistency through automation, faster delivery and better predictability. We created a dashboard of key metrics to track progress through the transformation and to drive a culture of continuous improvement. The availability of clear, objective and up-to-date measures improved visibility and increased trust between the business and IT.

  • Detailed analysis of current practices and problems
  • Comprehensive new operating model
  • Agile programme management
  • Continuous improvement culture
  • Improved visibility and trust