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    This paper has been written by Simon Hull, Head of Financial Services at BJSS. Simon has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. His experience ranges from leading business-facing technology divisions and major change programmes within UBS, Barclays, BlackRock and Deutsche Bank. In this paper, Simon uncovers the three strategic imperatives that banks must adopt in 2021 if they are to survive and thrive:

    1. Increase and diversify revenues
    2. Optimise costs
    3. Increase the agility, resilience and scalability of the business

    Throughout the paper, Simon provides in-depth and proven guidance around how banks can rapidly adopt these imperatives so they can recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

    FS Whitepaper

    BJSS in Financial Services

    We’ve been working with financial services companies since the day we started. From the delivery of a trade matching platform that handles 60% of the world’s interbank FX trades, to helping RBS be the first ‘Big 4’ UK bank to roll out Apple Pay at launch. Whatever your operating model, we have the industry and technical expertise to help you evolve, survive and thrive.


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