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Top Stores That Are Innovating Retail Technology In 2023

Are you leveraging tech to maximise the value of your customer interactions?

As advancements in immersive mobile and online technologies drive demand to pure digital shopping channels, the role of the physical store is changing in order for brands to remain competitive.

BJSS set out on the streets of New York City to find the top stores in 2023 that are innovating retail technology and, ultimately, adding value to the customer shopping experience.

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About the White Paper

Head of Retail and Consumer Markets at BJSS, Ralph Robinson explored and critiqued some of the most notorious and unique store concepts in New York, both as a retail consultant and as a consumer.

So how can retailers entice and engage shoppers in a high-demand society?

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Retail Top Stores White Paper

We cover:

  • How retailers are enticing and engaging shoppers with quality experiences, technologies, and services.
  • How to add value to the digital touchpoints ahead of the physical store experience.

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