BJSS White Paper

Retail E-Commerce: Laying the Foundations for Growth

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a slow but unstoppable trend and strapped a jet engine to it. 89% of UK consumers shopped online in 2020, compared to just 9.9% in 2019. Download our free white paper to discover how you can keep pace with this accelerating trend and deliver a first-class e-commerce experience.

About the White Paper

In this white paper, Ralph Robinson, Head of Retail & Consumer Markets at BJSS, explores the two core challenges of adopting an e-commerce strategy. Ralph uncovers some proven ways to help you lay the right foundations for a stable and compelling e-commerce experience. He also illustrates how you can harness innovation to differentiate from the competition to deliver an outstanding online customer experience.

We cover:

  • Why e-commerce is shaking up retail
  • The value of cloud, Headless and open-source e-commerce platforms
  • Unified commerce for a seamless experience
  • Why retailers need to automate e-commerce operations
  • How to harness the power of e-commerce customer data analytics
  • How Direct to Consumer is changing the face of retail
  • How to leverage strategic partnerships

BJSS In Retail & Consumer Markets


BJSS, in collaboration with Commercetools, is helping retailers and consumer markets to cultivate robust and well-rounded e-commerce capabilities to create and prepare for a variety of scenarios systematically. Click the link below to discover how BJSS and Commercetools can assist you with your e-commerce strategy.