BJSS rebuilt, modernised and stabilised many of the core systems supporting the loyalty scheme for one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets, creating a more efficient platform for future development with significantly reduced build time.


In the years since our client, one of the biggest supermarkets in the UK, launched its loyalty scheme, the underlying tech stack had developed organically, resulting in numerous patches and the accumulation of technical debt. Many of the core systems were running on dated and costly platforms and were often comprised of overly complex workflows. Additionally, the knowledge base around these core systems had become fragmented over time.

These factors contributed to delays in building and rolling out new features, with numerous ad hoc patches required to support builds. A lot of internal time and resource was taken up with identifying and patching issues, which was inefficient and costly. Similarly, some systems were running off on-premises servers, which required resource-intensive maintenance.

To alleviate some of the operational costs of the loyalty scheme and provide a better foundation from which to deliver future customer-facing features, the underlying technology stack needed improvement.


The client engaged BJSS to modernise, stabilise, and increase the efficiency of the technology stack supporting the loyalty scheme.

To achieve this, BJSS set about replatforming several of the scheme's supporting services. These systems were also cleaned and rebuilt in a way that would allow for quicker, easier development by the client’s internal product teams in future.

Key improvements included cleaning and modernised the digital API service that connected various data sources throughout the business, and from which the client’s digital products and services were built, to make it more reliable and robust, as well as replatforming the system that managed the reward balance in customer accounts from an on-premises server to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Throughout this process, the BJSS team worked to build a knowledge base for these changes with the client. This involved participating in knowledge sharing sessions, including internal ‘Show-and-Tells’ and meet-ups with client tech leads.

Crucially, the BJSS team included a Business Analyst that acted as the bridge between the BJSS technical team and the wider client stakeholder groups. This role involved understanding what needed to be achieved from the technology perspective and communicating clearly to the business the value that would be delivered to both the client and its customers.


A fit-for-purpose technology stack to support future development

The underlying technology stack supporting the loyalty scheme is now more reliable and robust, better integrated with the client’s existing services, and more able to support the build and roll out of new features. The entire development pipeline has been made faster and more efficient, with a reduction in test failures and errors.

And, because BJSS consistently shared knowledge with internal client teams every step of the way, there is now a consolidated knowledge base within the organisation on these systems that will facilitate more efficient future development.

Scalable, futureproof cloud technology

Moving many of these systems onto the cloud with AWS has given the client access to many additional features and capabilities, including monitoring, logging, pipeline building, tests, as well as the scalability that cloud services bring. These will allow the client to effectively scale new features and services in the future.

A true partnership built on unbeatable technical expertise

BJSS truly embedded within the client, effectively functioning as an extension of its internal team. This included a de facto Product Owner role to ensure that the build met immediate strategic needs, as well as ensuring awareness of the programme among key stakeholders and decision makers. The comprehensive knowledge sharing facilitated by BJSS also meant that the client could draw upon the deep skill and technical knowledge of BJSS.