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    Learn how to accelerate through the Government Digital Services (GDS) delivery phases to deliver digital citizen services faster than ever before.

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    Transform your citizen-facing systems with our end to end public sector technology delivery.

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    Aligning with GDS Standards, drive both short and long-term benefits and performance by becoming more agile.

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    Understand your current cloud position and where you want your cloud capabilities to be.

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    Support your human decisions by exploring, adopting and exploiting the benefits of Data Science and Machine Learning.

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    Drive efficiency of your operations and reduce costs through automation.

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    Transform the way your people operate by migrating your systems onto the Cloud.

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    As a trusted partner to the NHS, UK Government and the wider public sector, we’ve made our services available on a range of procurement frameworks – making it even more straightforward to work with BJSS. We provide unrivalled public sector consulting and first-class technology delivery to transform organisations and streamline processes.

    G-Cloud 12

    BJSS has 68 Cloud support services available on a commodity-based, pay-as-you-go service. For use by the UK public sector.

    Digital Outcome Specialists

    Digital transformation services for the public sector to streamline processes and make organisations more efficient. 


    Provides a simple, OJEU compliant route to purchase Cloud optimisation solutions for the NHS and public sector authorities.

    Health Systems Support Framework

    Provides a quick and easy route to access support services including  digital strategies and providing analytics, management solutions and digital transformation.

    Technology Services 3

    Tech solutions from strategy and service design through to operational deployment. Includes large project services and up to top-secret classification.

    Digital Technology Services

    A dynamic purchasing system for the provision of digital technology services to the Scottish public sector.

    Spark DPS

    Emerging technology products including Internet of Things (IoT), AI and automation, simulated environments, wearables and new improvements in security.

    Automation Marketplace DPS

    Intelligent automation services and solutions to include automation technologies, services, consultancy and licenses. 

    AI DPS

    Implementation and support of AI systems, end-to-end partnerships and AI technologies in health and care.

    Digital Capability for Health

    Application development and management services for the public health and care sector.


    Many citizen-facing systems need upgrading or adapting to fit into the new normal. We offer the end-to-end delivery of technology, so there’s no need to engage multiple suppliers to drive your digital transformation. Our world-class engineering teams combine innovation, experience and pragmatism to deliver user-centric public sector technology solutions that align with GDS service standards and which achieve measurable results with every project.

    We achieve End to End Technology Delivery through Technology & Engineering, Cloud & Platform, Managed Service, Data & AI, Strategy, Design and Digital Transformation.

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    Speed up your operations and delivery by adopting BJSS’ Queen’s Award for Enterprise-winning Enterprise Agile® approach, that aligns with GDS service standards.

    Over 40% of all BJSS deliveries are to public sector organisations, and our extensive experience in delivering bespoke technology solutions has resulted in us passing dozens of GDS assessments.

    Our GDS centre of excellence combines our world-class engineering capability and design thinking approach with our in-depth knowledge of GDS service standards. We work collaboratively with you from Discovery, through to Alpha, Beta and Live, employing agile and DevOps throughout.

    Working with our leading team of agile coaches, we can help your business move away from heavily matrixed models and setting up small, cross-functional teams that use concept Sprints to design, test and scale initiatives.

    We achieve End to End Technology Delivery through Technology & Engineering, Cloud & Platform, Managed Service, Data & AI, Strategy, Design and Digital Transformation.

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    Cloud Readiness

    Following a BJSS Cloud Readiness Assessment, you will receive an end-to-end strategy that will define the role of cloud in the wider IT landscape. This will support you to identify the desired outcomes from cloud adoption and utilisation, and how to measure success through identifying Key Performance Indicators. We will address cloud myths and help you to create an adoption/maturity roadmap. The roadmap will then provide a structured view of the business process changes you need to address in moving one or more business functions to the cloud.

    We achieve Cloud Readiness through Cloud & Platform, Strategy and Digital Transformation.

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    Data Science and Machine Learning

    Explore, adopt, and exploit the benefits of Data Science and Machine Learning (ML) to support human decisions. Deliver predictive analytics, computer vision and conversational interfaces, and achieve digital transformation.

    Interactive workshops will explore possible opportunities and delivery, from Discovery to Live, and will ensure value and integration with business processes and existing technology. We will help to integrate Machine Learning with existing infrastructure and processes effectively to reduce cost and improve user experience with predictive techniques and personalisation.

    We achieve Data Science and Machine Learning through Data & AI, Strategy, and Digital Transformation.

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    With reduced budgets going forwards, efficiency will be the top priority for the public sector. We help to drive efficiency for organisations, by showcasing value and opportunities for RPA and Intelligent Automation, freeing workforces from repetitive, time-consuming activities and simplifying back-office systems. Our services include simple process automation, complex business solutions and fully managed service contracts for ongoing running and Continuous Improvement – using technology such as AI & ML, OCR and Natural Language Engines.

    We achieve Automation through Technology & Engineering, Cloud & Platform, Managed Service, Data & AI, Strategy, Design and Digital Transformation.

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    Transform your ways of working by migrating your workloads to the cloud. We’ve developed a range of techniques for the successful sentencing and migration of workloads and for assisting organisations in embedding the processes to enable best practice.

    The process involves assessment, readiness and planning, migration and operations and our team will support you during and after the migration. We have extensive experience of large-scale mission-critical data and applications migration. Working with our team you will de-risk delivery with our effective Enterprise Agile approach, simplify future migrations, accelerate the time to value of your cloud migration and see substantial IT cost savings, productivity, business agility and operational resilience.

    We achieve Migration through Technology & Engineering, Cloud & Platform, Managed Service, Data & AI, Strategy, Design and Digital Transformation.

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