BJSS future-proofs systems for a public sector transport provider in Manchester

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is looking to unify and automate the management of its customer’s relationships. Presently, interactions with customers are managed across a number of different Information Systems that are not linked together.

With the help of BJSS and the utilisation of our Queen’s Award-winning Enterprise Agile® approach, TfGM has been able to ensure that their investment in systems is future-proof and able to keep up with ever-changing consumer habits.

Enhancing customer journeys through Enterprise Agile 

TfGM had developed a CRM Roadmap and identified Microsoft Dynamics as the preferred solution to manage their customer interaction, however it was decided that prior to any investment a Discovery phase should be completed to evidence the user needs, business requirements and assess build/buy/reuse options.

Following GDS (Government Design Service) principles, we ran a series of workshops across the business that included 40 key stakeholders, to analyse pain points within the existing service and processes. This helped us to understand the business goals and where we believed user needs are not being met.

By working with subject-matter experts who regularly use the system, we completed a number of “service safaris” to map out key user journeys and business processes. This brought clarity and better understanding across a wider team of stakeholders.

Our research enabled the team to create hypotheses for prototypes we wanted to build and test in Alpha. The user needs analysis was used to create a story map that illustrated the customer journey, describing their activities and the specific tasks they may do to achieve their needs. The user activities and tasks were translated into a prioritised JIRA backlog of user stories that would be used in order to deliver working software.

“Our legacy systems did not give us one single view of our customers and was not allowing us to keep up with ever-changing consumer habits. With BJSS' help and through their Enterprise Agile system, we have been able to ensure that our investment in systems is future-proof. In addition, the team at BJSS has unconsciously trained my team to a new way of agile working which has been invaluable.”


Megan Black, Head of Customer Development, TfGM