We’re working with public sector organisations to deliver transformational digital programmes that have made public services more efficient and accessible for citizens than ever before.


BJSS’ culture and delivery ethos has been, and continues to be aligned with that of the government, which is why over the last decade we have successfully worked in partnership to deliver many transformational programmes of work that have made the government more efficient and accessible for citizens to interact with.


As a trusted partner to the UK Government and the wider public sector, we’ve made our services available on a range of procurement frameworks – making it even more straightforward to work with BJSS.


BJSS has 56 Cloud support services available on a commodity-based, pay-as-you-go service. For use by the UK public sector.

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Technology Services 2

ICT services from strategy and service design through to transition to operational deployment. Includes large project services and up to top-secret classification.

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Spark DPS

Emerging technology products including Internet of Things (IoT), AI and automation, simulated environments, wearables and new improvements in security. 

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Automation Marketplace DPS

Intelligent automation services and solutions to include automation technologies, services, consultancy and licenses. 

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Digital Outcome & Specialists

Digital transformation services for the public sector. 

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Digital Technology Services

A dynamic purchasing system for the provision of digital technology services to the Scottish public sector. 

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The Cloud solutions framework provides a simple, OJEU compliant route to purchase Cloud optimisation solutions for the NHS and public sector authorities. 

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While the world responds to Covid-19, viruses of a different kind continue to pose a threat to public sector organisations. 

In our latest public sector article, our Head of Public Sector, Susheel Dodeja and Technology Consultant, Josh Hewer, provide an update on the cyber threat landscape for public agencies. BJSS Chief Engineer, Dan Bettesworth, also provides guidance around how to best tackle these threats. 

For more information, please contact our Head of Public Sector, Susheel Dodeja.


About Susheel

Susheel is a delivery guy at heart. After graduating from university, Susheel joined a small consultancy.

He then had a stint at a financial organisation before moving to an oil firm. During this time, he gained experience in delivering technology to change, efficiency and regulatory agendas.

Following this, Susheel joined BJSS to head up its Public Sector practice. In collaboration with the entire BJSS team, Susheel focuses on developing our presence and offerings to meet the unique needs and requirements of our public sector clients. Susheel is passionate about ensuring our clients get value for their technology investments and see BJSS as a true partner in helping them achieve their goals.

The public sector is unique – it is quite possibly one of the broadest, most complex and sensitive industries in the world, with a rate of technological innovation that is second to none. Susheel’s role is to ensure that the delivery, collaboration and value we provide matches BJSS’ values.