BJSS expands its Cloud & Platform Capability with the launch of BJSS Enterprise Cloud and Cloud Consulting

    BJSS today announces the launch of the BJSS Enterprise Cloud and its new Cloud Consulting team as part of its enriched Cloud & Platform service offering. These capabilities expand upon the company’s existing cloud proposition, increasing BJSS’ ability to advise and enable clients to effectively deploy cloud technologies that benefit end-users and achieve strategic business goals.

    BJSS Enterprise Cloud is a comprehensive cloud landing zone accelerator. It’s a framework that encapsulates and operationalises the business of cloud implementation so that organisations can deliver in days what used to take months. Built using open-source technology, the Enterprise Cloud has been designed to be flexible and extensible. Modular components can be added and removed as required to meet an organisation’s bespoke requirements. There’s no vendor lock-in or requirement to call on advice or approval from BJSS. Once deployed, the accelerator can be evolved iteratively, with new features being added to in-use services.

    Tim Hancock, Head of Cloud and Managed Service at BJSS, says: “Covid-19 has demonstrated the benefits of what cloud can deliver for businesses. In fact, according to a McKinsey survey, the top priority for CIOs in the UK and Ireland is to increase investments in cloud services and solutions. This is why we have created the BJSS Enterprise Cloud. It offers our clients the ability to develop new cloud environments, migrate applications, and accelerate many urgent and novel digital transformation programmes – all in a matter of days. And, in the current sink-or-swim climate, it’s the answer to moving away from the traditional approach to cloud adoption, which is simply not sustainable when rapid action is required.”

    In addition to the launch of the BJSS Enterprise Cloud, Olivier Subramanian joins BJSS to lead the newly established Cloud Consulting team. Joining from Contino, Subramanian’s focus is to work with enterprise customers to achieve strategic value from the public cloud. He has significant experience in strategy, digital transformation, enterprise, and IT Infrastructure consulting, technical leadership, project management, cloud, and DevOps technologies across several industry sectors in a pre-sales and consulting capacity.

    Olivier Subramanian, Head of Cloud Consulting at BJSS, adds: “Many of our clients are already in the public cloud, and with our new offering and consulting team, we want to support them in the next step of their cloud journey. We know the consulting team will be a valuable asset, as many companies moving to the public cloud lack the highly specialised knowledge and skill to achieve their objectives. Our team will remove these blockers. And I’m delighted to be in a position to help them realise their goals.”

    BJSS’ Cloud Consulting team will address the common concerns experienced by enterprises, such as operating a hybrid and/or multi-cloud environment, managing costs effectively and taking advantage of the new services available to maximise value. The team, headed by Subramanian, will also work with its clients to establish clear cloud strategies and help them to devise tactics to achieve their objectives through creating a transformation roadmap that will provide a clear set of business metrics and success criteria to enable project measurement.

    Hancock concludes: “With the demand for cloud skills at an all-time high and finite resources available to support digital transformation, we see our enhanced cloud offering as an accelerator that does all the heavy lifting for our clients. We’re excited to offer a totally holistic solution that puts speed effectiveness in everyone’s grasp!”

    In celebration of its expanded cloud offering, BJSS has launched an eBook entitled The Enterprise Cloud: Accelerating your time to value, which is available to download here.

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