This engagement saw the 1996-introduced service being completely redeveloped using contemporary tools and technologies.


BJSS built the new solution upon an Open Source software stack with an AWS Cloud hosted solution. This delivered a scalable platform to suit the user demand whilst managing costs by scaling with varying demand based on live sporting events, while the Open Source technologies selected met or exceeded the performance of their COTS alternatives.

A delivery based on Enterprise Agile®


We delivered the project using our Queen’s Award-winning delivery approach Enterprise Agile. We also collaborated closely with Sporting Life’s editorial, technical and managed service teams. A Continuous Integration and Continuous Test approach ensured support across a wide range of browser and mobile platforms.

Cost-effective scalability and performance were enabled by the use of AWS auto-scaling and a number of AWS-specific components. Using tools such as PostgreSQL, Docker containers and Jenkins, a strategy was devised to minimise dependencies on AWS in order to preserve the option to automatically migrate to another supplier at some future point.

Additionally, we made extensive use of Big Data analytics to track users and their usage. By combining this with other external data (such as social media and geo-location activity), we developed and integrated mobile analytics tools into the wider solution. This allows Sporting Life to measure user journeys and align future versions of the service to evolving user preferences.

“The BJSS team worked closely with us to ensure that our online presence continues to support our market-leading position. BJSS, with its Enterprise Agile approach, and expertise in Cloud and Open Source, has ensured that our service is scalable, high-performance and feature-rich, allowing us to quickly provide compelling sporting content to our customers.”

Andrew Evans
Sky Betting & Gaming

This was an ambitious project which reengineered Sporting Life's digital presence using BJSS Enterprise Agile and our expertise in cloud and Open Source.


The delivery ensured that the service remained scalable, high-performance and feature-rich. Substantial performance improvements created a level of service which is unmatched by Sporting Life’s competition.

With the entire service being migrated to the public Cloud, the flexibility required to accommodate spikes in demand seen during popular sporting events is catered for. The initial iteration of the new Sporting Life website was delivered two months ahead of the Cheltenham Festival, one of the biggest highlights of the horse racing calendar.