What is a Landing Zone?

    By Tim Hancock, Head of Cloud and Managed Services, BJSS

    Tim Hancock

    In recent years, cloud technology has revolutionised the way organisations approach digital transformation. However, with this revolution comes a new set of challenges that enterprises must overcome:

    • Adoption Complexity - The complexity of cloud adoption is a significant challenge facing organisations. The cloud provides a vast range of services, tools, and technologies that can be overwhelming for organisations. The result can be a fragmented cloud environment with different cloud providers, services, and configurations, which can be challenging to manage, monitor, and secure.
    • Security and Compliance - The cloud provides many security features and tools, but organisations need to know how to use them effectively to protect their data and comply with regulations. The challenge is to strike a balance between security and compliance while still providing the flexibility and Agility that the cloud promises.
    • Lack of Cloud Expertise - Cloud adoption requires specialised expertise that many organisations must bring into their business, including cloud architecture, engineering, and operations expertise to manage the cloud environment effectively. A lack of cloud skills can lead to costly mistakes, security vulnerabilities, and inefficient cloud operations.

    In this blog post, we will explore what a Cloud Landing Zone is and how it can help your business overcome the challenges and complexities of cloud adoption.

    What is a Cloud Landing Zone?

    A Cloud Landing Zone is a centralised and standardised framework for cloud adoption. It is a well-architected environment that provides a solid foundation for organisations to securely and efficiently migrate their workloads to the cloud. It includes a set of rules, guidelines, and best practices that govern cloud adoption, ensuring consistency and standardisation. A Cloud Landing Zone also provides a set of core services that enable organisations to securely and efficiently operate in the cloud, such as identity and access management, networking, security, and operations.

    What are the Benefits of a Cloud Landing Zone

    Cloud landing zones provide a structured approach for businesses to migrate and manage their workloads in the cloud, providing the following benefits:

    Enhanced Security: Cloud landing zones offer a secure and controlled environment for businesses to migrate their workloads. This approach provides security measures such as encryption, identity and access management, and network segmentation. By ensuring that all the security requirements are met, businesses can prevent data breaches and maintain their reputation.

    Improved Compliance: Cloud landing zones help businesses adhere to industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements. The approach enables businesses to have a clear understanding of their compliance obligations, and ensure that their workloads are configured and managed to abide by regulatory standards.

    Simplified Governance: Cloud landing zones provide a centralised location for businesses to manage their cloud resources. This simplifies governance by enabling businesses to automate their policies and procedures, ensuring that their cloud infrastructure is consistent and secure.

    Increased Flexibility: Cloud landing zones enable businesses to scale their cloud infrastructure as per their changing requirements. The approach offers a flexible and modular design that allows businesses to tailor their cloud infrastructure to their specific needs.

    Cost Savings: Cloud landing zones enable businesses to optimise their cloud usage and reduce costs. The approach provides businesses with a clear view of their cloud infrastructure, enabling them to identify unused resources and optimise their usage.

    Enhanced Agility: Cloud landing zones help businesses respond to changing market conditions quickly. The approach allows organisations to deploy workloads quickly and efficiently, reducing time-to-market and helping them stay ahead of the competition.

    Reduce time to value through the BJSS Enterprise Cloud Landing Zone

    By leveraging a cloud landing zone, businesses can enhance security, improve compliance, simplify governance, increase flexibility, save costs, and enhance Agility.

    The BJSS Enterprise Cloud Landing Zone allows organisations to quickly and securely deploy cloud technologies to accelerate digital transformation and improve developer velocity.

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