A Secure Cloud Environment For Accelerated Digital Transformation

For many Enterprise and Public Sector organisations, setting up cloud platforms can be daunting without the right knowledge and expertise in-house.

Designed to be extendable, the Enterprise Cloud Landing Zone gives organisations the ability to develop new cloud environments, migrate applications, and accelerate many urgent and novel digital transformation programmes - all in a matter of days.

Additionally, through the power of automation, our software frees up developers so they can focus on applications that add business value and removes the challenges away from operating the platform.

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  • Based on our award-winning experience of cloud platform delivery
  • A configured, secure Enterprise Cloud environment based on proven best practices delivered to you as Experience as Code
  • More than technology – we know how to operationalise at scale the service behind the capability
  • Proven models to integrate with existing security functions and run it on behalf of clients with BJSS

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