Spotlight: James Lewis

    By James Lewis, Senior Programme Manager

    James Lewis

    I enjoy the fact that the company gives everyone the ownership and ability to shape the future of BJSS Consulting. We all have a voice and a role in developing the strategy of our services which is a fantastic experience.

    Programme managers are in growing demand. As organisations look to become more efficient and streamlined in their operations, programme managers are being increasingly used to ensure transformation projects run as smoothly as possible. But what exactly does a programme manager at BJSS do? To find out, we spoke to James Lewis, a Senior Programme Manager at BJSS.

    What was your background before you came to BJSS?

    My background has always been in project and programme management. Before BJSS, most of my experience was working within the public sector.

    I enjoyed the opportunities that my previous job roles gave me. They've allowed me to work on large-scale, meaningful assignments, but I was keen to broaden my experience and learn how other industries operate.

    This curiosity led to me joining BJSS Consulting as a Programme Manager, which has allowed me to gain diverse experience while still being involved in complex, cutting-edge projects.

    What has been your favourite project so far?

    My favourite project to date was working with a green energy company to support it in translating a big strategic business move into an executable plan.

    The energy market was going through some significant upheaval at the time. So this project was at the front end of ensuring that the business responded strategically to uncertainty. The engagement's high-profile nature made it challenging and stimulating; it gave my brain a proper daily workout!

    Throughout the project, I enjoyed being creative, responding quickly to changing circumstances, and producing a programme management plan that made this critical business decision real instead of being a paper exercise.

    What do you like best about working at BJSS?

    For me, it's the people and the culture. From my first interview with BJSS, I clearly understood how strong and supportive the culture is here. It's the first job I've interviewed for where I was told that one of the criteria was simply being a good person! Some of the values that sit behind this are blended into the way we operate in our day-to-day activities.

    As a result, everyone here is incredibly welcoming, supportive and fun; they're always willing to go the extra mile to make you feel part of the team from day one. I enjoy the fact that the company gives everyone the ownership and ability to shape the future of BJSS Consulting. We all have a voice and a role in developing our service strategy, which is a fantastic experience.

    Where do you see the industry's future, and how does BJSS support that?

    We're in an uncertain moment - exiting a pandemic and walking straight into a series of other crises.

    The broader economy's uncertain nature – nationally and globally – will likely shift businesses from long-term business planning horizons to a much more dynamic, responsive, and iterative approach. There is no longer the luxury of security in planning in five, three, or even one-year cycles with any confidence of what the business landscape will look like at the time.

    Consequently, we're likely to keep seeing Agile approaches make their way up the value stream, from technical delivery to portfolio management and strategy design.

    At BJSS, our Enterprise Agile approach perfectly aligns with helping organisations adopt Agile working methods. I am excited to continue supporting our clients in adopting this approach to strategic programme and portfolio management, helping them stay ahead of this ever-changing landscape.

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