One of our Business Consultants, Rachel Artiss, tells us how she got into Consulting, reminisces on her favourite project, and gives her insights on the future of the industry.

“I see operating models and organisational structures as a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. I get real satisfaction when all the pieces come together.”

Before BJSS, I spent five years working across several roles in Luxury Beauty, ranging from Account Management and Business Development through to Retail Operations and Communications. One of the things I enjoyed most was the variety in the work, so when I decided to experience another industry, Consulting really appealed to me.

It was in my first Consulting role that I found my passion for operating model and organisational design projects. I like the tangible nature of the work in that you are designing something that results in real outcomes for real people. I see it as a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, and I get real satisfaction when all the pieces come together. So, when the role came up at BJSS to help build this area for a new Consulting Team, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Working at BJSS

My favourite project was working with a multi-national energy company to design a new structure and processes to support innovation. It was a great opportunity to get under the skin of a household name and build something that would shape their future ways of working across multiple functions. The project also brought together a multi-disciplinary team of Business and Technology Consultants from across BJSS, each with very different skill sets, and I really enjoyed the diverse points of view we were able to bring to the problem.

For me, the best thing about working at BJSS is the degree of autonomy and ownership I am given to shape my own role. The Consulting Team is also still relatively new, so it’s great to be a part of building its character and to contribute to helping it grow.

How does BJSS support the Future of the industry?

I see the future coming through adaptive organisational design enabled by collaborative technology and flexible working practices. The pandemic has forced organisations to look seriously at how they can adapt to distance working and I think that the impact of this will continue to be felt for the foreseeable future.

At BJSS, we are routed in technology delivery, so it’s great to know that we’ll be able to support our clients holistically with what this means for them, from designing the strategy to supporting the implementation. BJSS is also very open to new approaches and ways of thinking, and the collaborative nature of our working practices mean that we have a great foundation from which to support our clients as they face this new challenge.