About the White Paper

    Today’s data leaders are trying to build modern data platforms, manage data as an asset and deliver value through analytics, visualisation and democratisation. These are all valid aims which build a compelling vision for a data-driven organisation. But they are really difficult to achieve – especially in combination. In this white paper we have set out five key pillars that your organisation can adopt for data success:

    1. Focus on delivering value throughout
    2. Think holistically: data as a business service
    3. Steel thread your delivery
    4. Use serverless data technologies
    5. Apply engineering rigour with DataOps

    Throughout the white paper you’ll learn more about each of these proven best practices and how to enable your people to apply them. You’ll also discover how to adopt a DataOps culture.

    Data and AI-Whitepaper

    BJSS Data & AI Services

    We can support you in developing and delivering your data strategy. We can help you to embed data as a core business service, while putting knowledge directly into the hands of your key business users.

    Through our experience, you can harness data access for all and provide advanced analytics. We achieve this by implementing your data foundations natively in the cloud, providing access to data from across your business, and enabling data-driven business decisions. 



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