BJSS is strengthening its partnership with a Global Supermajor client by providing its trading function with two teams of graduates from BJSS’ Princess Training Award-winning Academy programme.

In addition to the intensive training of the BJSS Academy programme, the graduates have received a further three weeks of training based on the client’s unique technology and project landscape. This has allowed the teams to hit the ground running from day one of the engagement.

The teams will bolster the client’s internal software engineering and data engineering capability to accelerate the delivery of two business-critical projects. The first project is supporting the modernisation of a global middle office trading application, utilising technology such as Java, Akka and Kafka to increase the performance and scalability of the application. The second will help to accelerate the deployment of new data pipelines which play a crucial role in the client’s trading analytics function, utilising technology such as Python, SQL, Power BI, Tableau and leveraging various other Azure cloud technologies.

Each team will be continuously mentored and upskilled by one of BJSS’ Senior Engineers, who will work alongside the team day-to-day, providing education on technical skills as well as pastoral care in what will for many be their first client engagement. Time will be allocated specifically to their ongoing learning and development activity, with regular meetings with client stakeholders to monitor progress and identify areas where any additional support may be required.

“The squad of BJSS graduates really hit the ground running and have delivered beyond our expectations. They have incredible aptitude and exactly the right mix of skills for what we need. In fact, having BJSS graduates has been such a success that we're going to repeat the approach in other areas of our portfolio."

Senior Product Manager

In the face of a heavily competitive market for tech talent across all industries, we believe there’s huge value for all involved by having BJSS Academy graduates on client teams. It’s a compelling proposition for graduates to be able to get to work straight on client engagements solving hugely complex problems for some of the biggest organisations in the world.

BJSS also invests heavily in the Academy programme and the calibre of the graduates it produces is high. This means we can continue to deliver high-quality services to our clients for the long-term. And, because we are developing the next generation of tech talent through first-hand experience in Energy, Commodities & Utilities, it ensures longevity and continuity of resources for the industry. It’s a win-win.

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