shaping your career

    Preparing you for your future in consultancy

    The BJSS Academy provides a pathway into BJSS and the technology and consulting industry for people of all backgrounds. We aim to equip people with the skills to thrive in their careers whether they have a consultancy background or not. It introduces you to the tools and techniques you need to shape your career.


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    What we offer

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    Starting out after graduating? The BJSS Academy will give you all the tools to jumpstart a career in consultancy.

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    Looking to return to work? We don't have a one-size fits all journey here at BJSS.

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    Are you ready to kick off your career in tech? Learn from the best in the field with a mix of training and mentorship.

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    Want a career change? The BJSS Academy will give you the tools and confidence to pursue a new career path.

    What people say

    “I was exposed to such a wide range of technologies during my time on the Academy. By the time we’d finished, I felt like I was prepared for any engineering challenge that came my way! ”

    Sam – Software Engineer