RPA Success Story

Automating cash allocations for a Global Oil & Gas Provider

A Global Oil and Gas provider wanted to prove the business case for automating its cash allocations process. The process was extremely manual and undertaken by its cash allocations team in Budapest from 08.00-18.00. In order to improve profitability, the client wanted to make its cash allocation process available 24/7. Additionally, it wanted to free up the team in Budapest so they could focus on more high value tasks. Together with a third-party RPA solution provider, BJSS proved the business case by rapidly delivering an RPA Proof of Concept (PoC) that satisfied the client’s requirements.


The client approached BJSS and the solution provider to prove the business case for automating this process. By adopting an agile delivery approach and effectively navigating the client’s complex governance process, the team was able to rapidly develop a PoC RPA solution. The PoC automated the cash allocations process by fetching data from SharePoint, matching it to records on SAP and updating it based on Business Rules. It managed to showcase that thousands of transactions could be allocated each day and thus increase efficiency and cash in the bank for the client.


The cash allocations team based out in Budapest had recently been transitioned and only worked from 08:00-18:00 local time. As the client is a global business, it requires the cash allocations process to work 24/7 so that it can receive cash promptly. Additionally this was a manual and laborious process, meaning that the cash allocation team was not being utilised in the most effective way.


By adopting an agile approach, the team was able to navigate itself around the client’s complex governance processes to deliver a fully functioning PoC. The results of the PoC were presented to senior stakeholders and the cash allocations team, receiving positive feedback. Pending the outcome of the business approval, the solution has been made to scale and is ready to launch. Once launched, there will be a reduction in the amount of cash being unallocated each day and significant time savings for the cash allocations team who will be freed up to focus on more high value tasks.