We want a balanced tech sector that
is filled
with opportunities

School Children benefitted from BJSS workshops

We are doing our part by inspiring young people to participate in our industry. We are creating new opportunities for future innovators, creative thinkers and problem-solvers, and we are taking positive action towards improving diversity.

We have a strong history of taking the lead on these issues. Our award-winning community programme has already helped over 6,200 young people build their digital skills.

We engage local grassroot community organisations to deliver sustainable programmes that support our community development themes of Youth and Technology. Our programmes improve the long-term prospects for underrepresented groups by boosting confidence, employability and digital skills, and they promote diversity in the digital sector. 

An ambitious company-wide CSR programme

In partnership with Leeds Libraries, BJSS funds and sponsors a series of events that will enable less advantaged young people from the Leeds City Region to learn about the myriad roles and opportunities in the technology sector.

Our workshops are supported by digital makers from various organisations in Leeds and professionals from BJSS, and participants have full access to library collections and resources.

The workshops focus on coding, design, film, wearable tech and more. The first event – IT Eco Hack for Families– will see children work closely with their parents and siblings to actively find innovative technology solutions to the world’s biggest environmental issues.

    “Leeds Libraries are very excited to be working in partnership with BJSS to bring an exciting offer of creative tech events to young people and families across Leeds. We hope that this will inspire the next generation of digital professionals and reach young people who may not normally engage with technology. This great example of Leeds City Council’s Inclusive Growth Strategy in action, showing how everyone can contribute to the city’s growth with the private sector supporting community growth and activity.

    Andrea Ellison, Chief Librarian, Leeds Libraries


    It’s simple – we need more women in Digital and Technology. Through our partnership with Manchester Digital, BJSS headline sponsors Digital Her – a programme that aims to tackle the shortage of women employed in Manchester’s digital and technology industry.

    The initiative works closely with schools across Manchester’s 10 boroughs. It inspires over 1,200 young women to consider a future within digital and technology. The programme demonstrates the breadth of roles and opportunities that exist in our industry and it provides the practical skills and experiences that young women need to make informed choices.

    Digital Her is effective because it introduces young women to real role models and mentors from across the Manchester Digital network. In addition to our financial sponsorship of Digital Her, key female role models from BJSS provide mentorship and inspiration through interactive workshops.

      We’re delighted that BJSS is a dedicated partner of our Digital Her Roadshow which is gaining momentum across the region. BJSS is incredibly passionate about and committed to encouraging more young women into technology – we’re harnessing the power of their real role models and their insightful and interactive workshops to share this with our future technologists and innovators. Through BJSS’ support, we’re helping to create more confident and curious young women who we hope will become our early tech talent in the future.

      Katie Gallagher, Managing Director, Manchester Digital


      In partnership with the Glasgow Science Centre and Digital Skills Education Limited, BJSS supports young people aged between 12 and 14 from areas of Glasgow where STEM take-up is below average due to socioeconomic reasons.

      We do this through a series of digital workshops where participants learn the fundamentals of computer coding and use Agile techniques to quickly build prototypes of their ideas. Participants learn the importance of testing their solutions, and the challenges of combining hardware and software. Additionally, BJSS gifts a micro:bit to each participant enabling them to  continue to develop their skills and inspire them to take advantage of free, Scottish Government-funded, digital
      education pathways.

        The need for initiatives that help inspire and empower young people with digital skills is becoming more critical and apparent. We are delighted to be working with BJSS and Digital Skills Education Ltd on this exciting summer project that will do just that. The partnership brings together a unique blend of excitement, STEM learning and relevance that will provide a fantastic opportunity for young people in Glasgow.

        Dr. Gillian Lang, Deputy Director of Science, Glasgow Science Centre


        BJSS sees robotics as an appealing learning platform for young people. Through a partnership with the London School of Mathematics and Programming, we fund Robotics scholarships for 13 to 17 year old schoolchildren.

        We also sponsor and provide pro-bono support to the 2019 Robotics Triathlon – an open platform contest that any child aged between 7 and 17 can compete in. Uniquely, the Triathlon places no constraint on the types of controllers, construction sets or languages that can be used, thereby encouraging deep learning and creativity.

        Robotics is an exciting subject which lies beyond the current school curriculum. Beneficiaries of the BJSS scholarships are guaranteed places in the 2020 Robotics Triathlon to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they develop.


          We are really excited by the opportunities that BJSS is providing for children to study programming and robotics. Any child can now take part, at no cost, in our summer Robotics Triathlon. The new BJSS Robotics scholarships are a game changer for children wishing to study this important subject. Educational robots are expensive and up to now classes in this vital subject might have been beyond the reach of some families but BJSS’ generous support will make classes available to children who might otherwise not have the opportunity to study a subject so key to the future of mankind.

          Anastasia Stone, Director and Founder, London School of Mathematics and Programming