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    How to make Data work for your Enterprise: Five Keys to Success

    There is great value in data, but it’s often challenging to unlock. Download our free white paper to learn more about the five pillars to data success, and for tips to navigate a data future with greater confidence.


    Our Services


    Data Strategy & Governance

    Identify and prioritise opportunities to derive value from your data. Get to trust your data and the people accessing it thanks to robust governance and processes.

    Enterprise Data Platforms

    Establish data foundations in support of your strategy. Manage the provision of data and insights to support decision making at every level of the business, and establish long-lasting data capabilities for people, processes, and technology.

    AI & Machine Learning

    Adopt AI at scale: generate new revenue streams, increase margins, and improve customer satisfaction by creating intelligent products and solutions for the business.

    Data Analytics & Visualisation

    Become a data-driven business through the use of actionable insights, powerful visualisations, and widespread data literacy.


    Enterprise Data


    We apply our Queen’s Award-winning Enterprise Agile approach to data and combine it with our cloud-native, secure-by-design accelerators to get you started on your data journey in weeks rather than years.

    End-to-End Focus


    We take an end-to-end focus when delivering data projects - from strategic advice to design, delivery, and ongoing support. This means we are brought into your vision and work with you every step of the way. Our advice is based on real experience of achieving success with our clients.

    Easy to work with


    Our talented team have a reputation for being easy to work with, and focused on going above and beyond client needs.

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    Advanced Expertise


    We have been delivering production-ready data science for over six years. During this time, we’ve been adhering to MLOps principles before MLOps was a term. Our data experts have successfully delivered complex data transformation programmes across a wide-range of technologies, enabling our customers to realise their data strategies.

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    Our Partners

    Amazon_Web_Services_Logo WHITE

    BJSS is an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner and AWS’ first EMEA Data-Driven Everything (D2E) Partner. We were awarded Public Sector Partner of the Year in 2019, and hold four competencies.

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    BJSS is a gold partner holding gold status in seven areas, including Data Analytics and Data Platform. We also hold the Analytics on Azure Advanced Specialisation, and are CAF ready for Analytics. We were a partner of the year finalist in 2019-2020.

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    BJSS has been a Databricks partner since 2019. We have one of 13 UK-based Databricks champions, and have won the Databricks SI Customer Impact NEMEA award.

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    Data Strategy & Governance

    Data Governance


    Helping you to manage your data effectively so that you meet regulatory requirements, ensure user-privacy and maximise the value of your data.

    Operating Model


    Identify your key challenges by undertaking a BJSS Maturity Assessment of your ‘as-is’ data practice. We’ll then define your desired future state Operating Model and ways of working.

    Data Strategy


    Whether short-term or long-term, we can help develop a data strategy that is aligned to the needs of your business.

    Data Service Design


    Design a compelling data service for your business. By combining data architecture, engineering and data science with design thinking, we can deliver detailed end-to-end, front-to-back service blueprints.

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    “The new solutions we’ve developed with BJSS are powering better decision making and reducing operational risks. With a single view of the truth and a reliable, scalable platform, we have improved our service levels and can now focus on enhancing the customer experience.”

    Marcus Sims, Chief Technology Officer at Beauty Bay

    Enterprise Data Platforms

    Cloud Native Data Engineering


    We have substantial experience implementing cloud native data services from Azure and AWS. Our automation-first data engineering approach uses serverless technologies to reduce development and operations costs.

    Capability Development


    We collaborate with you to build your own data and analytics capability. We support you as you develop your team, hire new capabilities, train existing capabilities, and work with you to deliver real solutions.



    Adopt DataOps within your existing data capability. DataOps shortens feedback loops, helping businesses to realise value sooner and more regularly while building trust and remaining uncompromising on quality.

    In addition to offering a DataOps maturity assessment, we also work collaboratively to deliver data platform components and data ingest, embedding culture and ways of working with your in-house teams.

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    “From a standing start, in less than a year, BJSS has created an agile, scalable, sustainable enterprise data platform that will help our organisation make better use of data for years to come.”

    Ian Gordon, Head of Data Architecture and Engineering, National Highways

    AI & Machine Learning

    Data Science & Advanced Analytics


    We work with you to develop user-centric intelligent products making use of computer vision, natural language processing, statistical learning, machine learning, and deep learning to optimise business processes, forecast future outcomes, or improve customer engagement.

    Commodity AI


    Accelerating time to value has never been easier with the advances in cloud-based AI offerings. From experimentation to production, we can leverage out of the box computer vision, natural language processing, personalisation, and many more AI solutions to resolve your most pressing business challenges.

    Machine Learning Operations


    MLOps is the way we deliver and scale AI, machine learning, and data science to our clients. We help you rapidly deliver value and trust using robust software engineering, DevOps, Agile, and Lean practices. Our proven approach removes the challenges of deploying AI in production and gives you the confidence that your data and models remain secure and accurate.

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    “Collaborating with BJSS has allowed us to enhance our ability to use innovative technology to better serve our customers. What we have learnt and achieved with them over the past few months is incredible.”

    Steve Dukes, Chief Operating Officer, Confused.com

    Data Analytics & Visualisation

    Data Analytics


    Our expert Data Analyst Modellers dive deep into your data estate and help you prioritise activities. We help you develop a data catalogue or an ontology to speed up data discovery, and we empower your teams to start extracting value from your data.

    BI & Data Visualisation


    Implement modern BI tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, QuickSight, and Qlik. We apply user experience and design thinking to ensure the data’s end user remains at the core of the solution.

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