“SPARCK helped us define our CX vision and the role our national digital channels play in putting health and care directly in the hands of people in the future. They ensured this was not only grounded in best practice but brought to life for multiple audiences, laying the foundations for CX principles/thinking being embedded across our work."

    Emma Bradley, Head of Customer Experience, NHS Transformation Directorate


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    Explore and test next generation products, services and business models.

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    Create and launch immersive, world-class digital products.

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    Design engaging and consistent experiences across products, services and touch points.

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    We follow the Design Thinking ‘Double Diamond’ – but with a twist. We combine the creativity of SPARCK and our technology heritage to rapidly research, design, prototype, and deliver transformational solutions to help your organisation innovate at pace. Encompassing our approach to design thinking, we also help you:

    • Explore the interdependencies of your service and product, ensuring diverse perspectives and understanding the potential impact it will have on people.
    • Incorporate storytelling to create a narrative of change.
    • Design for sustainability to ensure the change is enduring and has a positive effect on people, society, and the planet.
    “Design is core to successful innovation. Great design means putting the needs, wishes and behaviours of people at the heart of the innovation process, so that new ideas are truly desirable as well as being technically feasible and financially viable.”

    BEIS, UK Innovation Strategy


    Discover. Design. Deliver.

    We’re SPARCK, the design and innovation heart of technology consultancy BJSS. We use research and human-centred design to create technology that serves people and the planet.

    Lean Product Development


    Our motto is ‘design to deliver’. And we truly mean it. Our lean product development approach has helped public and private sector clients to launch new, innovative products and services in just eight to 12 weeks.



    Our design and innovation team works closely with BJSS’ world-class consulting and engineering team. Together, we’re able to rapidly experiment with new product prototypes to test concepts and ideas with users before building and launching them.

    Design Thinking Everywhere


    We don’t just apply design thinking to new digital products. We also have experience in applying the principle to strategies and CX design, working with organisations such as NHSx to reinvent the health service’s national digital strategy.

    Covering the full breadth of design


    We’re a group of thinkers, innovators, strategists, researchers, designers, technologists, makers and do-ers. This ensures our experts have a wealth of skills and experiences to share with you to find the best solutions to your organisation's problems and user needs. 


    Explore and test next-generation products, services, and business models. We offer an end-to-end innovation pathway using a highly creative human-centred approach. We will help you move rapidly from left-side thinking about your organisation’s future to a set of actionable ideas that you can quickly prototype at low risk to identify the sources of greatest value. Finally, we will help you operationalise innovation to generate a stream of practical ideas.

    A creative end-to-end process that helps you to imagine new futures and rapidly explore arising opportunities.

    We offer the following innovation pathway, which can be taken end to end or applied individually:

    Future Thinking

    Make trends and future scenarios tangible and actionable through a creative process of horizon scanning, co-creation, and vision prototyping.

    Innovation Portfolio

    Innovate continuously and prepare your organisation for future success.

    Lean Product Sprint

    Venture into the unknown by rapidly exploring new ways to create value.

    Lean Product Delivery

    Deliver value early, test ideas, validate with real users, and pivot or change if necessary.

    Innovation Ops

    Systemise how innovation works across your organisation, including your innovation process, capabilities, and tooling.

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    Create and launch world-class digital products and services. Our designers will help you design and develop people-centric digital products and services, bringing together multi-disciplinary teams to ensure desirability, feasibility, and viability. This is what we mean by design to deliver. We ensure products deliver value to your users and your organisation. 

    Benefit from our experience of delivering digital products and services used by millions of people every day.
    User Insights & Research

    Understand your users and their needs, as well as their motivations. Ensure your research reflects diversity and inclusion to develop better products and services that people want and can use. 

    Service Design

    Design end-to-end services that transform how you serve current and future users across all touchpoints. Understanding how people, processes, and technology need to align to deliver compelling experiences.

    Digital Product Design

    Discover, design, build and iterate products that blend your users' needs with business goals and technical possibilities. Ensure your products are sustainable and optimised for accessibility and inclusion. 

    Content Design

    Provide your users with the information they need, when they need it and in the best possible way by understanding their needs. Create guidance and governance for content to be curated, maintained, and optimised. 

    Design Ops

    Amplify the value and impact of design across your organisation and services using human-centred design principles.

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    Create engaging and consistent experiences across products, services, and touchpoints. Using design thinking techniques, we help you create a compelling and people-centric vision for your customer experience backed up by a deployable strategy linked to your key strategic aims.

    Set bold visions for how you compete on experience, backing them up with actionable strategies.
    Experience Vision & Strategy

    Create a clear vision for your organisation's overall experience, backing it up with a practical strategy.

    Experience Design

    Build experiences that solve problems, inspire positive emotions, and drive user adoption and behaviour.

    Experience Maturity Assessment

    Measure and benchmark the performance of user experience in your organisation and set a vision for an ideal future state.

    Experience Ops

    Enhance the overall customer experience by managing the entire experience from a cross-functional customer journey perspective.

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    Our people are our best asset, and they have a lot of exciting things to share! Our events and workshops cover not just design but many other interesting topics too. We'd love to see you there! Get in touch to learn more and book a workshop with us.

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    “Understanding people is important for innovators because, whilst technology can make new ideas possible, people determine whether or not they’re successful.”

    Innovate UK, Design in Innovation Strategy

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