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    Greener Software

    Build and run greener software using environmentally-friendly approaches and techniques, with sustainability embedded at every stage of the software delivery lifecycle.


    Sustainability Solutions

    Use technology, data, and digitalisation to deliver sustainability improvements across internal operation and the product lifecycle, including customer, and supplier interactions.

    Addressing Key Challenges to Meeting Sustainability Targets

    Greener Software

    • Measuring the carbon impact of building and operating software, whether on or off cloud
    • ‘Designing in’ and ‘building in’ sustainability into new applications
    • Optimising how workloads run within the cloud and other serverless solutions
    • Improving software carbon literacy amongst delivery teams and embedding green software practices
    • Reducing the impact of running software on end-user devices
    • Updating technology strategies, architecture and vendor selection criteria

    Sustainability Solutions

    • Designing, scaling, and embedding solutions that enable a specific sustainability goal, e.g. decarbonisation decisioning
    • Identifying where technology and operational capability needs to improve to enable realisation of sustainability goals
    • Implementing reporting and observability to monitor progress against sustainability KPIs and ESG commitments
    • Designing and implementing digital journeys for the sustainable customer
    • Delivering applications and solutions that support influencing supply chain partners
    • Embedding a culture of sustainable decision making through all levels, enabled by technology and data

    What Makes Us Different?

    We understand how to design sustainably, build sustainably, and run sustainably across your systems and the teams that use and maintain them. We use our Agile and Lean Product methodologies to create impact and learn quickly, but ground the delivery in green software and responsible innovation best practice to deliver the desired sustainability outcomes and customer experience.


    Thought leaders in green software practices

    We bring deep understanding of how to prioritise energy-efficient patterns and processes in architectural decisions and through the technology delivery lifecycle, whether in the building of new applications or the maintenance of existing ones.


    Deep expertise in managing workloads intelligently and efficiently at scale

    We are experts in implementing and scaling right-sized cloud, platform as a service, and serverless solutions. We know how to configure observability tooling to enable intelligent management of resources.


    Our responsible innovation framework

    Our responsible innovation framework ensures sustainability, inclusiveness, and fairness are considered alongside desirability, viability, and feasibility in the design and delivery of products and services.


    Our Enterprise Agile and Lean Product methodologies

    Our Enterprise Agile methodology aligns technology delivery with organisational reality, helping to navigate difficult trade-offs. Our Lean Product Development approach, centred on ‘design to deliver’, delivers working products in a matter of weeks, shortcutting time to impact.

    Building Greener Software

    Our Building Greener Software offering focuses on creating Leaner, more energy efficient applications, prioritising cleaner energy, and producing fewer carbon emissions.

    Whether you are building new products and services, or transforming the legacy applications that power your organisation, we can help you to build it greener and embed green practices across the software delivery cycle to keep it operating sustainably.


    Sustainability Solutions

    Our Sustainability Solutions offering helps organisations to identify, scale and embed the IT changes they need to deliver their sustainability strategies, across internal operations, in managing the lifecycle of products and interactions with customers and suppliers.


    Our Sustainability Journey

    Since 2019, we have been a carbon-neutral business, and our goal is to become a net-positive business in the future. We’re helping our clients, partners, communities, and colleagues reduce their carbon footprints and make the necessary changes to become more sustainable.

    Our Insights

    Read thought-provoking commercial viewpoints, sector trends, and research from our team of experts.



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