Restoring Natural Beauty

    Around 95% of Britain's wildflower meadows have disappeared over the last 50 years, and we must take urgent action to restore them. Hay meadows are famed for their beauty and biodiversity. They can also support over 100 species of wildflowers and plants as well as an array of different animals. Except, modern life has made these green spaces a rarity.

    BJSS has invested in a large hay meadow in the Yorkshire Dales, which is partly made up of a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) that is protected due to its rich biodiversity. Together with local farmers and conservation charities, we’ll be looking at ways to enrich the SSSI with longer-term plans to plant woodland in the neighbouring area. As a result, we’ll play a pivotal role in reducing carbon and will help create a habitat that attracts local wildlife, including the treasured red squirrel. We’ll share our journey, discoveries and the steps we're taking to restore this place of natural beauty.

    What’s Coming Up


    Baseline botanical survey

    We’ll carry out a detailed survey of the SSSI and neighbouring land to understand the botanical features and habitat types.


    Understanding the current management regime

    We’ll work closely with local farmers to ensure the continued symbiotic management of both farmland and the hay meadow.


    Conducting soil sampling

    We’ll obtain several soil samples from the site to assess the nutrient content – a key determining factor in species variety.


    Collecting seeds

    Late in the summer, we’ll collect seeds from the SSSI and replant them in the neighbouring land.


    Forest design

    We’re in the final stages of the design phase to plant over 20 hectares of native broadleaf forest alongside the SSSI.




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