Our deep industry expertise is drawn from teams with global industry experience and local insight. They work together to help our clients to resolve their most pressing technical and business challenges.


Health and social care organisations need to embrace technology to improve efficiency, help staff do their jobs and provide better patient care. But doing so can often be easier said than done. Assessing the potential, feasibility and drawbacks of transformation can easily be overlooked, and rolling out technology at scale, can be risky.

We’ve collaborated closely with our health and social care clients to help them find innovative and cost-effective technology solutions for the toughest of operational challenges. As one of the largest technology providers to the NHS, we’ve delivered award-winning flagship services that have helped the health service to overcome some of its biggest challenges.


The public sector has quite possibly the most complex of needs, providing wide-ranging services to citizens in a cost-effective way. Government’s focus needs to be on transforming its services safely, at pace and scale to enhance its relationship with the public.

As one of the largest technology providers to the UK Central Government, and supporting agencies, we’ve helped to modernise key technology infrastructure and developed GDS compliant next-generation solutions. We’ve helped organisations such as the Home Office, FCO, DVSA and Disclosure Scotland to transform the way they provide their services for the better.


To remain competitive and relevant, retailers need to adapt. We believe that there’s no textbook approach or solution to achieve this nor that a glossy and expensively produced PowerPoint is going to help you deliver it.

We’re helping retailers to create specific solutions that can differentiate their businesses in an increasingly competitive marketplace. For instance: we’ve helped Co-op to boost its transactions, turnover and store visits following the modernisation of its market-leading membership proposition.


Survival in the financial services industry is all about changing your operating model to respond to the constant changes in technology. This may feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be.

We’ve been working with financial services companies since the day we started (back in 1993!). From the delivery of a trade matching platform that handles 60% of the world’s interbank FX trades, to helping RBS be the first ‘Big 4’ UK bank to roll out Apple Pay at launch. Whatever your operating model, we have the industry and technical expertise to help you evolve, survive and thrive.


Whether you’re an energy, commodities or utility company that is looking to grow, reduce costs or fulfil your digital ambitions, we have the skills and experience to meet your goals.

We’re proud to support some of the world’s leading energy companies in their pursuit to become more sustainable and technologically advanced. This includes our work with BP Chargemaster where we helped to design and deliver a market-leading digital strategy roadmap.