eBook - Digital Transformation in Healthcare: The Art of the Possible

    We share learnings and insights from some of our most important and impactful projects, and how we view the challenges and opportunities associated with driving digital transformation across health and social care.





    Using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques we help understand predicted demand and use that to help you plan for the future.

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    Achieve your needs with a service blueprint that clearly maps out the end-to-end patient journey. Help your teams plan and organise their work to create a seamless and coherent pathway.

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    Create, shape, document and deliver your vision of the digital future direction for organisations, professional groups and citizens.

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    By understanding local and national data collections we can create role based actionable insights to help shape future decisions.

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    Create real empathy with your users to understand what they really need and why. From there, gain insight into how users experience your product through our continuous usability testing.

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    Support patients, staff and the public with the appropriate use of technology. Access targets, quality and cost of care can all be achieved through performance improvement.

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    Transforming Outpatient Care

    The health sector can respond to the pandemic-triggered elective care backlog by using data to predict and manage demand, exploiting connectivity to meet capacity requirements, and managing the evolving context with a holistic approach. This white paper by healthcare consultants at BJSS – a leading strategic partner of the NHS – shows the way.

    Transforming Outpatient Care healthcare whitepaper


    BJSS is an award-winning partner to the world’s leading cloud vendors. We deliver AWS services, Azure services, Google Cloud services and HashiCorp integration services.


    BJSS was recognised as Global Healthcare Partner of the Year, one of many AWS Partners around the globe that help customers drive innovation. And as AWS Public Sector Partner of the Year for 2019/2020, we can help you to design, build and deliver best-of-breed AWS solutions that will transform your organisation.

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    With over 25 years’ experience in working with Microsoft technology, Gold Partner status and Partner of the Year finalist for 2019/2020, BJSS has the expertise to design, build and deliver best-of-breed Azure solutions for your organisation.

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    We’re part of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage programme. We can help you to innovate faster, scale smarter and stay secure with Google Cloud’s solutions and technologies.

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    We’re part of the HashiCorp Partner Ecosystem. We can help you to integrate HashiCorp products into your organisation.


    As a trusted partner to the NHS, UK Government and the wider public sector, we’ve made our services available on a range of procurement frameworks – making it even more straightforward to work with BJSS’ healthcare consultants.

    G-Cloud 13

    BJSS has 75 cloud support services available on a commodity-based, pay-as-you-go service. For use by the UK public sector.

    Digital Outcome Specialist

    Digital transformation services for the public sector to streamline processes and make organisations more efficient.


    Access to consultancy including business, strategy and policy, finance, HR, procurement, health/social care and community, infrastructure and environment.

    Digital Capability For Health

    Application development and management services for the public health and care sector.

    NHS SBS Cloud Solutions

    Provides a simple, OJEU-compliant route to purchase cloud optimisation solutions for the NHS and public sector authorities.

    Health Systems Support

    Provides a quick and easy route to access support services including digital strategies, and providing analytics, management solutions, and digital transformation.

    Technology Services 3

    Technology solutions, from strategy and service design, to operational deployment. Includes large project services and up to top-secret classification.

    Digital Technology Services

    A dynamic purchasing system for the provision of digital technology services to the Scottish public sector.

    Spark DPS

    Emerging technology products including Internet of Things (IoT), AI and automation, simulated environments, wearables, and new improvements in security.

    AI DPS

    Implementation and support of AI systems, end-to-end partnerships, and AI technologies in health and care.

    Automation Marketplace DPS

    Intelligent automation services and solutions to include automation technologies, services, consultancy, and licenses.


    Forecasting the progression of a disease or the expected utilisation of a part of a hospital is challenging. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques our team can help to understand predicted demands and use that to plan staffing schedules, smooth bed demand and make best use of expensive areas of hospitals such as operating theatres.

    We achieve Forecasting and Optimisation through Technology & Engineering and Data & AI.

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    Gain insights and perspectives to define a problem space, user needs and technical and policy landscapes that can help you to design creative solutions.

    Design a to-be service that enables your users to achieve what they need in a consistent and seamless way. Create a service blueprint that clearly maps out the end-to-end user journey, technology landscape and data dependencies. Service blueprints are designed to help your teams prioritise and organise their work, so they can create a seamless and coherent solution for patients and healthcare professionals.

    We achieve Service Design through Design, Strategy and  Data & AI.

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    Local Digital Roadmaps

    Our teams will help bring people together at STP level to create, shape, document and deliver a shared vision of the digital future direction for organisations, professional groups and citizens.

    Built on the ability to deliver the vision, we provide a tech agnostic view on how technology can change the local health and social care landscape for the better.

    We achieve Local Digital Road mapping through Design and Strategy.

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    BI and Data Visualisation

    Healthcare systems run on data and information. Through deep understanding of local and national data collections we create role based actionable insights. We understand the need for information design to ensure people have the correct details at their fingertips to make time sensitive decisions consistently.

    We achieve BI and Data Visualisation through Data & AI and Strategy.

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    Design Research

    Create real empathy with your users to understand what they really need and why, to gain perspectives and ideas that will develop better products and services. Make sure your products and services can be used by everyone, including people with disabilities, in every situation. Gain insights on how users experience your product through our continuous usability testing. We’ll help prioritise features, iterate interfaces and inform the product roadmap.

    We achieve Design Research through Design, Strategy and Data & AI.

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    Performance Improvement

    The Long Term Plan for the NHS will signal a reset on performance over the next five years, as frontline staff and managers continue to ensure record numbers of patients get the healthcare and support they need.

    The NHS has a significant number of obligations to patients, staff and the public for access targets, quality and cost of care.

    All of these can be achieved and maintained through appropriate use of technology to keep people in good health and out of hospitals, to support staff wellbeing, training and workload and to link up care for patients undergoing active treatment.

    We achieve Performance Improvement through Technology & Engineering, Cloud & Platform, Managed Service, Data & AI, Strategy and Design.

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