I started my career at BJSS as a Machine Learning Engineer. Prior to that I worked as a Computational Scientist and a Research Associate - I’ve always liked using computational approaches to solve problems and gain understanding.

Since joining BJSS, I’ve had the opportunity to work on successful projects across the data delivery landscape. I’ve worked with great engineers on many different projects, helping clients use their data to gain insights, drive decisions, and deliver business value.

We are DataOps advocates and use software engineering best practices to build scalable and re-usable data solutions. We get to work with a wide range of tools and technologies and there are always interesting challenges to solve and new things to learn.

With the increasing importance of data-driven decision making, the demand for data has skyrocketed, and it’s been incredibly exciting to see our data team grow across the UK and internationally. We now have offices in Europe, the USA and Australia.

Where I Am Now

I now lead our Data Team as a Group Data Capability Lead - the Data capability is our community of practice – a global group of data colleagues working together, sharing best practice, and helping people grow and develop within their roles.

I am also an MLOps advocate, and love working with data teams to build and deliver ML models into production.

BJSS is not a data engineering specialist company. We build, optimise, and maintain data applications, systems and services within multidisciplinary teams. Working alongside software engineers, platform engineers, business analysts, testers, and technical architects allows for great collaboration.

If you’re interested in joining a collaborative team, then we’d love to talk to you about data opportunities at BJSS!