Organisations today are arguably battling with more hardship than they have had to in recent history. Most are still navigating inflationary pressures, managing the cost-of-living crisis and limiting the negative impact on their business such as loss of revenue and redundancies. While others are still coping with recovery from a global pandemic, all whilst planning for a looming recession. If the last few years have taught business leaders anything, it’s that there’s no time to waste when it comes to making your business more resilient to unexpected change.

Investing in digital transformation, and more specifically cloud adoption, even during economic hardship, can make your business futureproof and even lead to increased profit. Organisations across all sectors have had to think differently about their operational processes and understand more about how cloud and digital technologies can enable efficiencies at a time when uncertainty is the only constant.

In today’s volatile climate, the traditional approach to cloud adoption is simply not sustainable and operational efficiency is increasingly becoming the number one priority for many organisations.

However, stakeholders in any business want to spend less time on operational activities and more time on the business tasks that truly add value. With the demand for cloud skills constantly increasing, businesses are having to find new ways to achieve their digital transformation goals and accelerate their time to value.

This disruption will likely continue for an indefinite period of time. One way some organisations are speeding up cloud adoption is by consuming modern automated cloud tools and services.

Addressing the need for rapid adoption

To help organisations move to the cloud more easily and answer those questions, we developed BJSS Enterprise Cloud, a comprehensive cloud landing zone accelerator. It’s a framework that provides the foundations, processes and tools needed to get your cloud services up and running in a shorter time, while still remaining secure.

BJSS Enterprise Cloud removes the time-intensive heavy lifting in cloud migration and is built to well-architected principles to deliver in days what used to take months. Your teams will benefit from increased speed and productivity as architects, engineers, and developers are freed up to work on business-impacting aspects of their projects rather than administration and configuration processes.

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