The benefits of hosting applications in the cloud are well known, and the technology has become the fundamental building block for digital transformation.

Companies across all industries recognise this. Except, the move to cloud is not always plain sailing for some organisations.

Regulated and government organisations, in particular, face significant constraints and barriers to cloud adoption due to regulations and old business models. Therefore, the time to value in these industries can be a challenge, with some cloud-based platforms taking nearly a year to develop, which is simply not sustainable in the current sink-or-swim market environment.

These challenges, combined with a lack of skills and resources, has meant that the move to cloud has become a real headache for some.

Despite these roadblocks in the cloud journey, our experience in delivering several major cloud projects for regulated and government organisations proves that it is possible to accelerate your time to value from your cloud investments.

In this post, we’ll explore our newly launched BJSS Enterprise Cloud, how we’ve applied it to deploy new cloud environments for three different clients, and how you too can start your BJSS Enterprise Cloud journey.

What Is BJSS Enterprise Cloud, And Why Does It Matter? 

BJSS Enterprise Cloud is a comprehensive cloud landing zone accelerator. It’s a framework that encapsulates and operationalises the business of cloud implementation so that your time to deliver value shortens further.

We based BJSS Enterprise Cloud on our extensive experience of delivering complex environments into the public cloud. It provides the foundations, processes and tools needed to get your cloud services up and running in a shorter time.


BJSS Enterprise Cloud is a framework that embodies our experience as code. All code is visible and can be amended by engineers. With or without adaptations, the framework can also be used to inform and set standards for use elsewhere in the organisation. Furthermore, there are no licence costs as it is built using open-source technology.

We designed BJSS Enterprise Cloud to be flexible and extensible. Modular components can be added and removed as required via code to meet the organisation’s bespoke requirements. There’s no vendor lock-in or requirement to call on advice or approval from BJSS. Once deployed, the accelerator can be evolved iteratively, with new features being added to in-use services.

Delivering What Used To Take Months, In  A Matter Of Days

Now, we don’t want this post to feel like a sales pitch. But we’re really excited about the potential of BJSS Enterprise Cloud for regulated industries and government organisations. We’ve proven that it can help any organisation accelerate their journey to cloud.

We’ve worked on hundreds of cloud projects and invested thousands of hours in shaping technology patterns on offer from cloud vendors so that they are more suitable for successful enterprise adoption.

BJSS Enterprise Cloud is a multi-cloud architecture that takes the best on offer from the cloud vendors and adds a robust and targeted dose of operational expertise to bring the service to life. It can be used across all the major cloud vendors, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

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How We’ve Deployed BJSS Enterprise Cloud

1. Upskilling with BJSS Enterprise Cloud in the public sector

When a government department engaged BJSS, they had already taken their first step into the cloud with a single solution and gained the benefits of scalability, availability and speed of development. But it was a challenge to reproduce those benefits as they considered adding new public-facing services.

With a relatively small team, managing issues around security and application migration was a real concern.

We deployed BJSS Enterprise Cloud in less than two weeks, providing the department with an enterprise-ready platform to migrate and host applications quickly and safely.

The security monitoring they needed was built-in alongside a wealth of best practice for cloud configuration.

Accelerating cloud deployment was just the start. We also led interactive knowledge transfer sessions so that the department’s team was empowered to go forward without external assistance.

We used a coaching approach based on pair programming, a proven agile technique. This has upskilled the team and given them the confidence to operate and develop the platform in response to the organisation’s changing needs.

BJSS Cloud Enterprise is transparent: the team has full access to the code.

2. Fast delivery of a flexible cloud platform for a major government organisation

We helped a major government organisation deliver a cloud platform for a brand new public-facing service in record time by using Enterprise Cloud.

The client needed to deploy a robust, scalable and secure cloud platform as quickly as possible. But the department did not have the resources to deliver a new platform to the required scale and timeline, so they came to BJSS.

We deployed BJSS Enterprise Cloud to enable the department’s colleagues to vend new accounts quickly and provide a single pane of glass for all its accounts. BJSS Enterprise Cloud also encapsulates many thousands of hours’ worth of code, enabling the department to compress the delivery timescale from months to just a few days.

When the government adds new requirements for the platform, we can stand up new services and vend new accounts instantly – without compromising the platform’s security. All the necessary guardrails are built-in.

3. Digitising supplier onboarding For a high street bank

We introduced a brand new sandbox environment for a leading high street bank using BJSS Enterprise Cloud. This new cloud environment has enabled the bank to evaluate third party products and services faster than ever before.

Before engaging BJSS, the client was burdened by a cumbersome third-party supplier onboarding process that hampered the bank’s ability to bring new innovative services and products to the market.

To accelerate the process, it worked with BJSS to deploy Enterprise Cloud and create a new sandbox environment that is segregated from the core bank’s systems.

The environment was developed at pace, with all the necessary guardrails built-in, allowing the bank to onboard third-party suppliers faster than ever before and with minimum risk.