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BJSS Expertise: Cloud

BJSS’ teams and accredited consultants can help with all aspects of Cloud adoption and delivery

  • Programme and project managers deliver complex cloud adoption and migration projects.
  • Platform-aware business analysts align user expectations across the enterprise and put in place processes for managing, optimising and allocating costs.
  • Architects, platform engineers and developers have experience of both traditional infrastructure and the latest trends, including practical experience of serverless and containerised architectures using technologies such as Lambdas and Docker.
  • Assurance embeds automated testing of resilience, performance, security and elasticity directly into the delivery pipeline.

Most organisations understand that using public and private Cloud applications, platforms and infrastructure can dramatically increase agility, cut costs and deliver more robust services and products than are possible with traditional infrastructure.

However, Cloud is not without its challenges. From establishing appropriate governance, managing security and compliance concerns, and implementing hybrid clouds with multiple public Cloud vendors require expertise and practical experience gained from multiple at-scale Cloud adoption projects.
BJSS has been in the vanguard of developing and deploying Cloud solutions, with proven experience in helping commercial and government clients build their capability wherever they are in their journey to Cloud – from tactical use for new applications through to strategic adoption at scale. BJSS Cloud, Platform and DevOps expertise and capabilities combine to deliver maximum value and return on investment, enabling Continuous Delivery of business functionality and value.
BJSS has deep, formally accredited experience in the leading Amazon Web Services (Advanced Technology Partner) and Azure (Silver partner) public Clouds, but is Cloud-neutral having also delivered solutions on Google, SoftLayer/Bluemix, Rackspace, UKCloud and internal clouds using VMware, Cisco and CloudStack. BJSS works with a wide variety of Open Source and commercial cloud tooling for provisioning, management and cost optimisation.

BJSS Cloud Expertise


  • Understand existing architecture and application needs and benchmark against BJSS maturity model
  • Understand organisational readiness for Cloud to reduce risk and ensure a successful journey to Cloud
  • Build the business case for the potential commercial benefits of a transition to Cloud
  • Develop a strategy for Cloud services introduction, control and optimisation


  • Optimise Cloud architecture for innovation and operability
  • Automatically assure functional and non-functional properties
  • Deliver Cloud-native applications with experienced On-shore, Agile software engineering teams using a variety of commercial models
  • Accelerate design, build and delivery of network, infrastructure and application Cloud platforms using standard BJSS patterns and automation
  • Migrate mission critical applications and data
  • Reduce cycle time from idea to production to business value


  • Identify immediate, vendor-specific cost saving opportunities
  • Embed flexible ongoing cost management processes
  • Continuously test within delivery pipelines, rapidly identifying issues while minimising environment costs
  • Establish KPIs, move to blue-green deployment and A-B test to minimise downtime and maximise business value
  • Monitor and control API usage and evolve API design and implementation


  • Manage using BJSS’ Enterprise Agile Service Model – a blend of ITIL and DevOps to deliver an Agile Service Wrapper
  • Continuously monitor platform and application level security vulnerabilities to identify and mitigate threats
  • Govern architecture and operations on an ongoing basis


  • Introduce new ways of working
  • Clarify the art of the possible and define a detailed plan to transform your organisation
  • Create a Cloud Competency Centre to disseminate best practice and establish policies, procedures and patterns
  • Leverage Cloud to support transformational capabilities such as AI & Machine Learning, Big Data, Mobile and Internet of Things