Embracing Tomorrow: Insights For Anticipating And Thriving In An Uncertain Future

"Futures Thinking is not a solo performance but an orchestra of experienced minds in many different fields that work together to unfold the intricacies of signals and the implications of emerging patterns. The report serves as a practical futures thinking toolkit. It explores the core principles of the field, analyses research on organisational readiness, and equips you with actionable frameworks, tools, and an understanding of new capabilities to develop within your organisation."

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About this report

How do you prepare for the future in a world that is constantly changing and unpredictable? How do you make strategic decisions that are aligned with your vision and values? How do you foster a culture of innovation and creativity in your organisation? These are some of the questions that business leaders are being asked to act on today and, with over 50% of leaders being unsure whether their organisation will exist in the next 10 years something needs to change!

This report explores the findings of BJSS research project that investigated how business leaders use Futures Thinking to navigate complexity and uncertainty in their organisation.

Download our report now and discover insights from our experts and understand why Futures Thinking is vital to the survival of any business and how assessing, anticipating and acting will help business grow and thrive in any environment.

Futures Thinking Report

This report explores:

  • BJSS' Futures Thinking survey results of more than 100 top business leaders
  • Why Futures Thinking is essential for organisations
  • How to use Futures Thinking methods and frameworks to explore and prepare for different scenarios
  • How to enhance your futures intelligence, resilience, and innovation skills
  • How to create your desired future with intention and action

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