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Understanding AI In The Retail Industry: Using Customer Insights To Retain And Grow Your Business

As the cost of living continues to remain high and customers are cautious with their spending, retailers are having to work harder to attract and retain their customers. They’re also having to look at where they can improve efficiencies in their operations to reduce costs and streamline processes.


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This panel discussion is designed to enable retailers to understand the rapidly changing landscape of AI. It will answer key questions retailers will be asking themselves about their AI journey. 

Join BJSS and AWS experts in this panel discussion which will look at the explosion of AI in retail and what it means for customers.

The session will also explore what organisations need to do to successfully adopt AI and key considerations for them. Our panellists will discuss real life use cases, explore different technologies, and focus on key issues facing the retail sector.

Watch the webinar to learn more about:                                              

  • What you can do today to get started on your AI journey
  • How to define what use cases are most pertinent for your business
  • How do you prioritise and refine which use cases to target
  • Ways of working and operating models
  • Using AI to super charge hyper-personalisation
  • Next best actions - using data to understand micro-moments and provide pre-emptive CX that is timely and relevant
  • Operations research to optimise processes such as: predictive analytics to optimise staffing, merchandising, shelving etc.
  • How to avoid pitfalls and risks of AI implementation

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